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#1 “On Facebook or an online platform. It’s so insincere and everyone can see it!” – Gerald Tan, 25, credit analyst

#2 “By text message. It’s so impersonal and it’ll give me the impression that the relationship wasn’t significant to her.” – Safith Mohanan, 23, advertising sales assistant

#3 “Leaving me a note saying goodbye on my desk. Imagine coming to work and seeing that!” – Kevin Lim, 25, entrepreneur

#4 “Coming by while I’m hanging out with my best friend, and telling me that they’ve been secretly seeing each other.” – Bryan Ee, 23, sales assistant

#5 “Getting her friends to do it for her. That’s just wrong. She either doesn’t care enough to tell me herself or is afraid of confrontation.” – Xavier Yap, 24, tutor

#6 “Yelling that we’re done… in front of a big crowd!” – Alphonsus Sim, 24, events coordinator

#7 “Giving me the cold shoulder, then disappearing. There would be no closure!” – Victor Khong, 22, undergraduate

This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine January 2014.

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