7 Singapore men reveal what women should never tease them about.jpg

Image: Rainer Holz/Corbis, Fab Fernandez/Corbis & Dreamstime

#1 “His weight. When a girl says that I’m skinny, it makes me paranoid that I’m losing too much weight.” – Andre He, 27

#2 “His appearance. Don’t discount a less attractive man who makes the effort to groom himself.” – Jerryson Yee, 26

#3 “His inability to perform in bed.” – Lee Puay Siong, 29

#4 “Being single. He may just be waiting for the right woman.” – Amit Anurag, 29

#5 “His height. He can’t change that!” – Russell Chua, 24, writer

#6 “His resolve to embark on something big. At least he’s focused and has a set goal for himself.” – Jesher Yeh, 28

#7 “His salary. It would cursh his self-esteem.” – Reyes Leow, 27

This story was first published in Her World Magazine September 2014.

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