6 things about Rainie Yang that you might not know about

Rainie Yang at the Singapore press conference

The sunny, chirpy Taiwanese singer-actress Rainie Yang seems unusually introspective today, at the Singapore press conference for her new album.

Maybe it’s to do with turning 30, just last year; she remarks that she has spent “exactly half my life in showbiz” so far, for she had made her debut at the young age of 15.

There are lighter moments of course, like in one instance where she’s still quick to remind a reporter that she’s not yet 31: “my birthday is in June!”. Here, we list some of the fun tidbits that we learnt about the star during her Singapore appearance.

1. The ‘two Rainies’ in her love life
Rainie shares how she was told that she had a “weird” attitude towards her love life; which in turn inspired the title of her new album, A Tale of Two Rainie.

She explains how she wavers between two extremes — that of being passionately happy about her relationship and a cool, almost aloof attitude.

“When I’m extremely happy, I will start to doubt my happiness because it feels like something is going to go wrong,” explains the star. “I feel that I can’t possible be really this happy … It’s a habit that I find difficult to change.

“These emotions are good (sources of inspiration) for the album, but not so good in real life,” she adds, quite wryly.

2. She’s a workaholic, who now hopes for a better work-life balance
Rainie Yang’s work attitude almost puts most of us to shame; this actor-singer is such a workaholic that her idea of a break means hoping to have a few days off, each month. And here we thought the weekend should be almost obligatory every week!

She is however, planning to step back from her workaholic lifestyle, with a caveat that it’s in the hopes of improving the quality of her work too. “I was advised that whether as an actor or director, you need to know how to live (well) to improve your performance,” says Rainie.

“I used to put in 100 per cent, now I’m at 70 per cent. I want to take a breather now, so I requested for a few days of break every month … But it doesn’t always happen.”

3. How her hair means everything to her, creatively and emotionally
Like many women we know, this actress too appreciates the transformative quality of a new haircut. For a dramatic new hairstyle could signify a fresh start and uplift your mood too.

For this singer, her ‘do also has a creative significance. Rainie reveals how her hairstyle is actually the “starting point” of every album: “I’ve nine albums so far and the first thing that i think about is the hairstyle I’m having for it.”

On her surprisingly short crop for her A Tale of Two Rainie album, she explained that she had asked for “a new shaved hairstyle but without shocking the fans.”

6 things about Rainie Yang that you might not know about

“I got referred to as ‘Chen ge’ (brother Yang) by my fans,” says Rainie candidly. “Because I’m more ‘shuai’ (handsome in Mandarin) with this new haircut.” To make up for it, the star says she’ll stick to mostly dresses and skirts until her short crop grows out.

4. Why she wants to be a movie star
When quizzed on her upcoming acting projects, she admits to having none at the moment, because “the (television) scripts are lousy”. She found the scripts she’d received to be too similar to what she has done before, after over 10 years of acting on television.

“I feel I might find the ideal script in a movie than in idol dramas,” she says, for her breakthrough role was in Taiwanese idol drama Meteor Garden and its sequel, Meteor Rain. “I don’t want to disappoint my fans with the same old performances … I don’t want to go back to the same creative path that I started with.”

5. Why she won’t be seen on a singing reality TV show soon
In spite of the recent blitz of singing competitions on television, you’re not likely to see Rainie Yang as a judge on any of these shows soon.

Despite her decade-long singing career, the star still feels that she has much to learn. “I’m not qualified to judge or teach music yet,” explains Rainie. “To me, I’m still a student.”

6. She’s still a mummy’s girl, even now
When quizzed about moving out into her own apartment, the star admits that she finds the fact “embarrassing.”

“I really only moved next door,” says Rainie. “My mum stays about fifteen steps away — 10 steps if I’m running after my dog — and one floor up from my apartment.”

The main benefits of having her own apartment just means that “there is no one to nag about playing music at a softer volume and about going sleep earlier. 

Still, she’s wistful about moving out: “I start to miss having someone to nag at me; which made me realised how much I love my mum.”

Rainie is also so attached to her beloved pooch that she can’t bear the thought of the dog being alone at home. She habitually brings the dog to and fro being her home and her mum’s apartment, just so that it wouldn’t be home alone.

“(Then) my mum told me that the dog has to be independent too, just like me!” she laughs.

Catch Rainie Yang perform live at her Singapore showcase March 21, 2015 at Shanghai Dolly; get tickets via music streaming site AMPed. The star is also holding an autograph session on March 22 at Compass Point. Go to http://po.st/RainieASsg for more information.