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#1 “Considerate and thoughtful. She understands when I can’t spend much time with her due to my work schedule.” – Brendan Tan, 26, operations manager

#2 “Always showing concern for me. She never fails to listen to my troubles at work or in my personal life.” – Wong Chang Sheng, 28, sales consultant

#3 “Such a good mum. She’s always able to help our kids with their school work.” – Victor Seow, 44, lecturer

#4 “A great cook. She even wakes up early to make breakfast for me before work.” – Justin Tham, 24, marketing executive

#5 “So patient. When we’re supposed to meet after work, she waits for me without complaints if I’m held up or have to attend to my students.” – Jimmy Kheng, 37, educator

#6 “Beautiful and intelligent.” – Emmanuel Chong, 28, writer

This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine June 2014.

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