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With the longer hours we spend at work, the idea of the office hook-up is going from taboo to trivial. Here are six saucy tales from women who’ve had a work romp in the office and where they did it – without getting caught.

“My co-worker and I used to work overtime (more like wait for everyone in the office to head home) so we could have sex in his cubicle. One evening, after everyone had left, I went over to his cubicle to say something naughty into his ear. As I leaned over him, he turned around, our lips met and we got down and dirty then and there. On his desk!”
– A. Poh, 24, graphic designer

“I had been flirting with a co-worker on and off for months but nothing happened. One day, we were alone in the photocopy room and in the heat of the moment, he closed the door and we had an intense make-out session – even though the door couldn’t be locked and the office was bustling outside. I was relieved no one had to photocopy anything then!”
– M. Ngoi, 28, accountant

“My current squeeze and I met when he was my boss at my first job. The first time we made out passionately was after a late-night brainstorm meeting in the conference room. It was exciting and nerve-racking knowing the security guard might come in any time and catch us at it. Besides, sex on conference tables only looks comfortable in the movies! I changed jobs soon after, so we could progress to having sex in more comfortable places.” 
– E.S., 31, marketing manager

“A collegue and I had been dating for a while. On his last day – he had been posted to our London office – we sneaked off during lunch and had goodbye sex in the executive bathroom on our floor. It was fun and exciting, but the funniest part was our secret knock code to enter the bathroom and our careful exit plan.” 
– L.B., 27, trader

“I’d been going out with a colleague for a few months and we’d managed to keep it secret. But one lunchtime, when we were feeling particularly horny, we had sex in his car in the underground office carpark. It was a lunch break well spent.”
– J. Tan, 26, lawyer

“When I was interning at a bank during my last summer of college, I started making out with another intern in the pantry after most of the office had emptied out and we ended up having sex there. We made sure we did it in the last week of our stint in case we got caught and fired. Thankfully, nothing bad happened.” 
– M. Lim, 25, business executive

This story was originally published in Her World magazine October 2012.