show off man 640.jpg

Mr Money

Spot him: Look for selfies taken in the back seat of a luxury car, featuring designer man-bags and his $10,000 bill from a night of partying.

His photos decoded: This guy cares only about status symbols. He’s looking for a trophy girlfriend who will accessorise his bespoke suit and hang on to his arm while he pops a bottle of champagne. Swipe left, please!

craven douche 640.jpg

Mr Mysterious

Spot him: This annoying guy is always pictured with sunglasses, a hat or some other prop obscuring his face.

His photos decoded: He’s paranoid about privacy and might be a conspiracy theorist who believes that governments use face-recognition technology to track their citizens. This man of mystery is counting on women being drawn to his cryptic photos.

try too hard emo guy 640.jpg

Mr Emo

Spot him: He’s the one with the slightly pained, I’m-trying-hard-to-look-aloof expression.

His photos decoded: This guy feels that he’s terminally unique, and despises all things mainstream – Coldplay is ultra-pedestrian in his book. No one really understands him… but he’s hoping you might.

party flirt dude 640.jpg

Mr Mojo

Spot him: He’s the slick dresser who’s always surrounded by beautiful women.

His photos decoded: Deep down, he’s desperate for women to like him. Being pictured with them is his way of saying he’s got it going with the ladies. Don’t hold out hopes that he’ll drop Sarah and Crystal from his posse. This one definitely has a roving eye!

happy high guy 640.jpg

Mr Sunshine

Spot him: This is the guy who looks perennially cheerful in pictures, with a big grin or a thumbs-up sign. Whatever he’s on, we want it.

His photos decoded: Hey, this guy genuinely loves life. He’s the classic good guy who will be a loyal boyfriend with no commitment issues… assuming you don’t friend-zone him.

muscle man 640.jpg

Mr Manscape

Spot him: This guy is usually bare-chested, well-groomed and inordinately fond of mirror selfies.

His photos decoded: Props to him for sticking to an exercise routine, but he’s just a little self-obsessed. Those narcissistic selfies may be a sign that he’s insecure and needs to prove his manliness.

This story was first published in Her World magazine, December 2014 issue.