The Projector

Photo: The Projector

Old school is the new cool, and The Projector fits the bill perfectly. It’s squirreled away in Golden Mile Tower, and features two theatres filled with refurbished flip-up chairs still in their original steel frames and wooden armrests.

It’s not the most comfortable, but there are a few perks: you’ll get to openly bring in food and drinks you’ve purchased from elsewhere without having to smuggle them in, and you will get plenty of instagrammable opportunities in the area (the corridors to the washrooms are inked with black and white graffiti).

There’s also a concessions stand for more-than-average cinema nosh and tosh. Their movie selections range from current blockbusters to classic movies to art films. They currently have a run of films that were nominated for the Oscar this year.

6001 Beach Road, #05-00, Golden Mile Tower


Photo: Omni-theatre

If you and your bae are huge sci-fi geeks, you’ll love the Omni-theatre at the Science Centre with its 23-m wide seamless dome screen. The curved screen envelops the entire theatre, making for a truly immersive movie experience.

There are interactive “live” shows run by the Centre’s educators that are meant to teach us about space and the planet we live in, as well as 3D films and movies that are more edutainment rather than entertainment, but hey, it isn’t every day that you get to feel like a part of the movie.

21 Jurong Town Hall Road

The Screening Room

Photo: The Screening Room

The Screening Room is an intimate boutique film theatre with crazy-comfy lounge seats, where you sip on bubblies and nibble on tapas from the bar while watching the latest blockbuster or an artsy independent film.

They work slightly differently from other cinemas: they don’t sell tickets for the movies (although you indicate interest by reserving a spot in advance online); instead, you are expected to spend $15 on food and beverages per pax to enjoy a seat.

Current screenings include a slew of rom-coms for Valentine’s Day such as Love Actually, 500 Days of Summer and even A Star Is Born.

12 Ann Siang Rd, #03-00

Alliance Francaise

Photo: Alliance Francaise

French is the language of love, so there’s nothing like watching a French film on date night to rekindle that passion with your significant other.

The Alliance Française de Singapour, the organisation that promotes French culture and all things French, organises French movie screenings every month centred on a particular theme.

For February, it’s all about familial relationships, love and what it means to be human. These’ll bring you on an emotional rollercoaster, a journey you’ll have no regrets once it’s done. And you don’t need to speak French to understand them, as English subtitles are readily available.

1 Sarkies Rd

Oldham Theatre 

Photo: Oldham Theatre

There are a million worlds to be found when you tap into Asian Cinema. Oldham Theatre is the gateway, hosting screenings by the Asian Film Archive.

A non-profit organisation to preserve the rich film heritage of Singapore and Asian Cinema. In hopes to promote a wider critical appreciation of this art form, you can expect specially curated films that will astound you.

It’s wheelchair accessible and has 4K digital and 35mm film format projections for all your viewing pleasure.

National Library Building 100 Victoria Street

Filmgarde Cineplex

Photo: Filmgarde Cineplex

Founded in 2007, Filmgarde Cineplex prides itself in supporting local films and film literacy. Including exclusive releases by local and Asian filmmakers. Even if you haven’t heard of them, Filmgarde Cineplex is well known in the business of film cinematics.

It became the first Cineplex in Asia to be fully-fitted with the next generation format of Immersive 3D Sound in cinema. And, it is the first in Singapore to launch a Cinema Website, Mobile App and Self-Ticketing Kiosk all on a Bilingual Platform.

Not only do they have indie picks, but they also have Hollywood Blockbusters going on at good deals.

Bugis+ 201 Victoria Street Singapore, Century Square 2 Tampines Central 5 and Kallang Leisure Park 5 Stadium Walk

Carnival Cinemas

Photo: Carnival Cinemas

If we’re going to really get into great films, we definitely can’t leave out one of the biggest contributors: Bollywood.

Goodness, they do romantic movies like no other. The cinema camps out at the charmingly old-school Shaw Towers tucked away from the conventional shopping centre and mall. The cinema screens Tamil and Hindi films from India and across the region. 

You know you’re really making your money’s worth because not only are the films amazing, but they can run up to twice as long as the typical Hollywood blockbuster. So get comfy and be prepared for an emotional ride.

Shaw Towers, 100 Beach Rd