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Proud celeb parents Fann Wong and Christopher Lee welcomed their baby boy Zed to the world on August 9, 2014, with an actual birth-day party just as cutesy as their young ‘un. It’s easy to see why they’re especially elated to have their baby boy since the couple has been hoping to start a family ever since they got hitched in 2009.

5 things that baby Zed already has that you don't

Baby Zed Lee (far left) with his very happy parents (centre) Christopher Lee and Fann Wong. Images: Instagram

While we congratulate the couple again on their bundle of joy, here’s a tongue-in-cheek list of things that baby Zed has (and will have), that we’re maybe just a tad bit envious of.

1. A birthday party to rival yours
Despite being a grand total of four days’ old, this adorable one has already had a party elaborate enough to rival most any other kid we know. Just imagine how his upcoming birthdays, plus major (and mini) milestones will be celebrated!

To mark Zed’s birth, the celebrity couple held an animal-themed party on August 11 at the Mount Elizabeth Novena hospital where the actress mum is currently warded, filled with matching cupcakes and all. It’s no coincidence that the set-up looks familiar, for the babe’s nursery features the same theme too.

We can only hope that we’ll get to be on one of his party guest lists soon.

2. Wearing Fendi before he even turns one
Kids these days can indeed own mini-me designer wardrobes but this cute babe may soon have one of the largest collections around. He has already been showered with boxes of designer gear, even before coming into this world and will quite certainly be receiving even more.

Even the socks gifted to him are designer material: They’re from Bonpoint, which described itself on Facebook as a French luxury childrenswear label that makes clothing with “the savoir faire (know-how) of a couture house” for kids.

Will Zed be fitted in mini-me suits, once he’s up on his two feet? It’s more than likely; cue the fashionable endorsements that may just be rolling in soon!

3. Sharing the same birthdate as Singapore’s National Day
Sorry, this cannot be helped, luck is really on Zed’s side. It seems almost like kismet that the nation’s currently most-talked about baby would be born on National Day.

At her last public appearance at Diner en Blanc in July 2014, the Fann was quoted as saying she would prefer to have as natural a birth as possible. That however, did not work out as Wong ended up being in labour for over 10 hours and had opted for birth by caesarean section under her doctor’s advice; luckily enough on National Day.

4. Fann Wong’s undivided attention
It goes without saying that mums do love their kids. But to have attention lavished on you by one of Singapore’s most popular celebs? That’s surely a feat that Fann fans will feel at the very least, a tad jealous of.

Fann and Christopher have both said that they will be very “hands on” with caring for their baby; Christopher Lee has even joked that diaper changing will be easy because “it’s from my son so it smells good.” Sure, whatever you say, proud dad!

To lend them a hand, Fann Wong’s sister Fann Woon Qing told Wanbao that she will “give them [the parents] a coffee machine, because they will not be getting much sleep”. In this aspect, they’ll be totally like the other normal parents we know; much respect to that!

5. The limelight
This is the babe that grabbed all of the attention on the red carpet, while still in his famous mum’s womb. All cameras and eyes were on Fann Wong’s baby bump when she’d graced the Star Awards 2014 red carpet, back in April 2014. His first Instagram photo has already garnered over 70,000 likes on Facebook. Can you imagine what he will do, once he’s walking and talking?

His famous parents are planning to take him on set, in order to keep the family of three close, especially since his dad plans on taking a few film roles overseas.

“If I’m filming, Fann will take the kid to the set. And vice versa,” said Christopher Lee in a May 2014 interview with The Straits Times. “We want our child to know what we do for a living. If our child expresses interest in joining show business, I will give my child the freedom to decide.”

It sure sounds like Zed is set to grow up living and breathing all things showbiz; it’s almost a certainty that we’ll all see more of him soon.