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#1 He wants more together time
His behaviour and attitude towards social activities like visiting bars or clubs will change drastically when he’s found The One, says Anisa Hassan, managing director of dating agency It’s Just Lunch Asia. “He’ll be reluctant to unwind, chill or hang out at those places, as he’ll no longer derive pleasure from checking out the scene,” she says. In fact, don’t be surprised if he would rather spend the night at home with you, cosying up on the couch to watch television. 

#2 He starts confiding in you about his personal issues
You know he’s ready when he’s open to sharing his dreams and fears with you. For instance, he might bring up plans to start a business or share his childhood dream of cycling all the way to Thailand, says Chang-Goh Song Eng, head of department at Reach Counselling. “He might also talk about his struggles at work, such as getting chided by his boss for a mistake, or feeling nervous about securing an upcoming promotion,” she adds.

#3 He shows a sense of ownership
“He may even start initiating discussions on marriage by seeking your opinion on when might be a good time to get married or buy a house,” says Lim Eng Choon, counsellor at MWS Covenant Family Service Centre. Song Eng says he might also be more open to attending marriage preparation programmes.

#4 He’ll arrange for you to meet his parents
As old-fashioned as it sounds, a man serious about a future takes you home to meet his parents and organises formal meetings between both families, says Eng Choon. In fact, he’ll try his utmost to get on your family’s good side. “He might help to fix that flickering light bulb that’s been bothering your mum, take your younger brother out for a football match or help walk the family dog,” says Anisa.

#5 He’s got his finances in order
A man who takes a major re-look at his finances, and is working towards financial stability and independence, is a man thinking about supporting a family in the future. “He’ll start saving more, or make adjustments to his lifestyle such as changing cars to save on monthly instalments or fuel,” says Anisa. He’ll also ensure he has a stable job, income, savings and minimal debts, says Eng Choon.

This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine April 2013.

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