You’ve got your toys but it’s a losing battle when it comes to vying with late night football matches or computer games for your man’s attention. You can’t remember the last time you’ve gotten any action in bed and this weekend, it’s time to put your foot down.

Orchestrating a power trip may backfire, there’s always a nearby coffee shop broadcasting the latest match or computer game cafe that he can head to. I have another suggestion that’s no less sneaky and unlike a football or World of Warcraft game, guarantees two satisfied winners – you and him.

Feed him.

When you serve up these five foods for dinner tonight, they will turn up his and your libido. Let’s just say these edible aphrodisiacs will lead to a satisfying “dessert”. So don’t forget to put these five aphrodisiac foods on your grocery list for some bedroom action.

5 sexy time foods to get him into the loving mood. Credit: Corbis

One of the original aphrodisiac foods – the Aztecs thought eating avocados would increase their sexual prowess and the pear-shaped fruit is reminiscent of womanly curves – the avocado has been lauded for its libido-boosting qualities. The avocado contains high levels of Vitamin E, also known as the sex vitamin, to help trigger production of the chemical prostaglandins that promotes proper functioning of a woman’s reproductive system to boost attraction, desire and mood, based on As for the dudes, vitamin E’s a mild blood thinner and sends more blood to his other head and may help him stay harder and longer.

Chili peppers
When you pop chili peppers into your mouth, you may experience tingly sensations, a faster heartbeat, flushed cheeks and even sweat – the same sensations as when you get hot and heavy for your partner. According to research done at the United States Department of Cell and Molecular Pharmacology University of California in San Francisco, the US, chili peppers contain the chemical capsaicin that cause the body to experience these passionate sensations.

Dark chocolate
What can’t chocolate do? Amino acids in dark chocolate increase dopamine, a hormone that induces a pleasurable feeling, based on a newsletter published by the Harvard Medical School in the States. Sharing a bar of dark chocolate will kickstart the feel-good process of the night!

The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, the US, has published a report citing that strawberries contain folic acid – a cup has 25 mcg of folate – that improves the quality, mobility and volume of sperm. You also benefit when he feeds you a strawberry – the fruit is rich in Vitamin C that helps blood flow to all your body, including the sexy parts.

Olive oil
Go on and whip up a huge pot of aglio olio pasta, I won’t tell. Just like the avocado, olive oil is rich in Vitamin E. Besides the benefits to sexual health, olive oil is also a source of good fats that produce testosterone and estrogen that help keep the sex drives of you and your man flying high, says Beverly Whipple, Professor Emerita at Rutgers University of New Jersey and vice- president of the World Association for Sexology.