Race season has hit us again, just like the last few Septembers, and while the formula remains the same (hah), the faces change – a little. While the highlights of the F1 weekend are on the racetrack and at the accompanying parties attended by who’s whos (and who does she think she is?), we think the drivers should be getting a little more attention. We know you racing fans are perfectly appreciative of their talents on the track, but for the benefit of us more visual types, here’s what these Formula One hotties get up to off the track!

#1 Lewis Hamilton, 30

Hottest f1 drivers singapore lewis hamilton

Image: Hugo Boss

Lewis hasn’t just got it when it comes to looks, he’s been winning races non stop for a few years now and was last year’s F1 World Champion. He’s number one in the current driver’s standings for this year’s race and drives for Mercedes. We don’t have to ask you to keep an eye out for him because he’s pretty much hard to miss. We especially love the instagram shots of his adorable dogs Coco and Roscoe (he even takes them paddle boarding)!

#2 Jenson Button, 35

Hottest f1 drivers singapore jenson button

Image: Source

While many a race driver is all about the glamorous life, the scruffy English 2009 F1 World Champion has an instagram account full of leisurely and athletic pursuits. Yes, of course there’s the occasional flashy car (unavoidable!), but we love the down-to-earth mix of dorky and adorable photos of him and his stunning Argentine-Japanese wife Jessica alongside his biking and swimming escapades!

#3 Daniel Ricciardo, 26

Hottest f1 drivers singapore daniel ricciardo

Image: Source

This aussie Red Bull driver is a charmer with his dark curly locks and megawatt smile. As the youngest on our list, he is also affectionately known as the Honey Badger of F1 (his personal mascot which he’s got printed on the back of his helmet). We love his quirky insta-videos, like the one of him eating a red capsicum as though it’s an apple. Yikes!

#4 Romain Grosjean, 29

Hottest f1 drivers singapore romain grosjean

Image: Source

This Swiss-born cutie races for France ‒ he holds dual citizenship – under the Lotus racing team. It’s uncanny how he resembles different famous people from various angles (Prince Harry and Jamie Bell, anyone?). What can you find on his instagram? His obvious passion for cooking, and his beautiful wife (who incidentally is a motorsport reporter for French television. Talk about power couple!).

#5 Fernando Alonso, 34

Hottest f1 drivers singapore fernando alonso

Image: Source

Anyone familiar with F1 since the race has come to Singapore will recognise this name. The Spaniard got into karting at the tender age of three (there’s even an adorable picture on his instagram). He won his first World Championship at 24, making him the youngest winner at the time, and went on to win the title the following year as well. It’s not just fame and fortune for this hottie, he’s even a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.

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