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Much hype has been surrounding the release of the movie spin off of Hong Kong drama Triumph in the Skies.

We managed to catch the gala premiere of the movie together with stars Julian Cheung and Charmaine Sheh who were here for the event.

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Here are five reasons why it’ll make the perfect movie to watch this Chinese New Year:

The outdoor scenes in the movie were mostly shot in England with all three love plots centred around Brighton Pier and London’s Brick Lane.

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Apart from these famous tourist attractions, viewers will also be treated to beautiful backdrops of vast greenery, seaside houses and windmills as crazy aircraft stunts and romantic love lines play out. Even the extravagantly spacious indoor locations were decked out in plush furniture, bright lights and tasteful homeware.

Viewers will be taken away on a breathtaking journey throughout the movie with dreamy, atmospheric shots and non-stop music – a must-watch when want to take your mind elsewhere for a moment.

This movie spinoff was big from the start not only because of the hit television series, but also because of the amazing cast. Actors from the television series Francis Ng and Julian Cheung retain their roles as Captain Samuel Tong and Captain Jayden Koo (or more fondly known as Captain Cool). This movie will see the additions of veteran Hong Kong actors Louis Koo, Sammi Cheng, Charmaine Sheh as well as Taiwanese actress Kuo Tsai Chieh.

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Image: Clover Films

Fans of the series will also recognise supporting actors from the drama Kenneth Ma and Elena Kong, who will continue playing a couple in the movie. Be sure to stay for the credits to see how this comedic relationship turns out.

With three love stories in one movie, it almost feels as if all the characters had little time to fully develop at the end. So be sure to read the movie synopsis before you go into the cinema, because you will find yourself having to fill in plot gaps in this stylistic film. And as with all Asian love stories, it hardly ventures out of the typical damsel-in-distress storyline, seemingly thought-provoking love quotes, and unexpected romance.

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It is however, the very reason why we find this movie so satisfying – it takes us away from reality and fulfills all the conventions of the perfect love story. So while some lines were outrightly cheesy – whether deliberate or not, we’re not sure – the movie was entirely enjoyable and fulfilling to watch.

Spectators will most likely find the rekindled romance between Koo and Sheh the most appealing out of the three couples.

Fans of the drama will get to see the softer sides of Captain Koo and Captain Samuel Tong especially at the end of the film.

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Image: Clover Films

Prepare to laugh at some unexpectedly comical moments between Ng and Cheng’s characters, mostly brought about by the familiar stiffness in character of Captain Samuel Tong. And a very awkward but funny moment at the end of the movie – no spoilers, we know – when Cheng and Ng finally admit to being in love with each other.

Captain Koo undergoes the most change in this film, shedding his cool, playboy persona from the drama. He says some pretty “thought-provoking” lines to counter the aloofness of Taiwanese actress Kuo Tsai Chieh’s character, Kika, instead of playing along like you’ll expect him to.

Unlike what you see in the trailers, the love scenes were not as steamy and graphic as we expected them to be, and felt like they lasted no longer than a minute, so be rest assured if you’re planning to watch this with your teens.

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Image: Clover Films

All in all, the Triumph in the Skies movie is the perfect conventional love story, stylistically shot at beautiful locations that’ll take your breath away. It’s a light-hearted film that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the perfect Chinese New Year film to watch with the family or your partner. Enjoy!

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Triumph in the Skies will be out in cinemas February 19.