5 minutes with Qi YuwuFor someone known as a man of few words, Qi Yuwu sure can get a crowd going with just the hint of a smile.

Gracing the launch of the SK-II Pitera House at Tangs Orchard earlier this month, the tall, tan heartthrob was warmly welcomed by banner-bearing fans calling out for him as he spoke about his favourite SK-II Men products.

Most recently seen in the Mandarin drama series The Dream Makers, Qi exudes a quiet charm that somehow manages to give hordes of teenage girls the patience and determination to brave the throng of guests at the event just to catch a glimpse of him..

We sat down with the actor to gain some insight into the intriguing aura of mystery that surrounds him, and slowly begin to understand the appeal of his shy and earnest personality.

Check out our video interview with the actor where he spills his secret to looking so good, what he looks for in a girl, and his best pick-up lines.