You may recognise Pauline Lan as “the host on the Taiwanese beauty and lifestyle talk show” who knows just how to ask all the right questions or someone who simply isn’t afraid to tell a celebrity on her show that her outfit looks bad.

This was all too clear at the recent press conference for Lady First in Singapore – the local spin-off of the popular Taiwanese talkshow, Lady First (女人我最大) – where Lan boldly declared to a roomful of reporters, in her opinion, that Singaporean girls will score a mere three out of 10 points if she were to grade their sense of style and fashion.

5 minutes with Pauline Lan

Prior to that, she also pointed out the host Lim Pei Fen’s clothing faux pas on stage – much to the embarrassment of the radio personality – informing everyone of her “visible panty line” (VPL) as a result of wearing incorrect underwear under a figure-hugging dress.

Lan’s straight-talking trait is why Lady First, Taiwan’s top beauty and lifestyle talk show, is now in its 10th year, and remains one of the most-watched variety shows in Taiwan. The hour-long, daily talk show delves into fashion and beauty topics relevant to women, and offers valuable tips on looking good. Helmed by Lan, each episode will see a panel of female celebrities getting advice from resident experts in skincare, makeup, hair and fashion.

Come May 20, we will have our very own version of Lady First, thanks to Starhub TV’s collaboration with Hong Kong TVB and its Taiwanese arm TVBS. Audiences will see Lan taking up the hosting ropes in the Singapore version as well, and she will be joined by the show’s experts, Kevin Chou, Wu Yi Lin and Xiao Kai, who will make appearances in Lady First Singapore. Local pros Clarence Lee, Bryan Gan, Keith Png and Ken Hong will also dole out tips and advice catered to local audiences and woes of Singaporean girls on the show.

Pauline Lan

Lady First Singapore will also see a panel of 10 female celebrities made up of Singaporean singer Kelly Poon, beauty queen Cheryl Wee, actress Candyce Toh amongst others, share their fashion and beauty woes – one defining feature of Lady First – and it seems Lan is impressed with the starlets.

“At first, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to be as open as I am in Taiwan,” said Lan, referring to the strict television guidelines in Singapore.

“But during the filming, I discovered the girls are quite daring and will say many crazy things.”

We can’t wait to check out Lady First Singapore which will premiere next Monday, we’re hoping it’ll be just like the no-holds barred, tell-all Taiwanese version we watch on a regular basis, only better, with topics catered to us.

Check out our exclusive video interview with Pauline Lan below, she shares with us the top five beauty and fashion tips she swears by after 10 years of hosting Lady First.

Lady First Singapore will premiere next Monday, May 20, 8pm on E City (Starhub TV Channel 111/825).