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4 unexpected things you might not know about K-pop group Sistar

(L-R): Dasom, Bora, Hyolyn and Soyou of Sistar. Image: Skechers

Sistar might be one of the hottest girl groups in Korean pop right now, but there is more to these  lithe and sexy K-Pop stars than you might thing; in fact, one of them probably knows more Judo than the average Korean idol!

In Singapore on July 1, 2015, to celebrate the Skechers store opening at Ngee Ann City, the chatty girls talked about their favourite Skechers sneakers (shoes from the monochromatic, unisex D’lites series) and unexpected tidbits about each other.

4 unexpected things you might not know about K-pop group Sistar

Soyou and Hyolyn of Sistar wearing shoes from the Skechers D’Lites. Image: Skechers

Here are some of the surprising factoids we learnt about the girls during their brief Singapore visit.

#1 The K-Pop star who knows judo
You wouldn’t expect it but blonde-haired Bora knows more than a few judo moves. She honed her skills for upcoming web drama Flatterer, as a character who is a judo team leader. When quizzed if it was challenging, she said she had no difficulties; the director (and judo practitioner) even served as her coach on set. It’s not her first experience with the martial art either. Bora got to try out a few moves with the Korean Olympic Judo team during variety program Invincible Youth 2, back in 2012.

#2 The surprising secret to sexy legs

4 unexpected things you might not know about K-pop group Sistar

Leave it to the very well-toned Sistar girls to share this unexpected fitness tip for sexy legs: To focus on your hips. Why the hips, though? “The hips are going to be the new exercise trend; you workout your hips to show off your legs,” explains Soyou in Korean, via a translator. 

Sort of Nicki Minaj-style, we’re guessing, what with all the on-stage gyrating and hip-thrusting that these girls do for their latest single ‘Shake It’.

#3 The girl who wants to be Hyolyn for a day

4 unexpected things you might not know about K-pop group Sistar

Sistar in Singapore at our interview. Image: herworldPLUS

Outside of their group activities, all four girls are just as busy with acting, hosting and even solo albums. Even then, it seems there is still cause for career envy; a healthy sort, we think.

Dasom hopes to be like Hyolyn; “she’s the most experienced of us four,” says Dasom, surprising even Hyolyn herself, who lets out a loud sound of surprise after the declaration.

She admits to admiring Hyolyn’s schedule because of the many varied opportunities that the talented vocalist has had, from performing a duet with Stevie Wonder at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2013 to her collaborative tracks for Disney’s Frozen (she sang the Korean version of ‘Let it go’) and television series My Love From The Star, to name a few.

#4 Why these stars rarely vacation
True enough, the life of a Korean pop star isn’t that easy. Besides their packed schedule, the girls also stick to a rigorous exercise regime that includes pilates and lifting weights, while sticking to a strict diet.

When asked about future vacation plans, Dasom makes her short vacation to Singapore in 2014 sound like an incredible luxury. She shared that she “actually got five days of vacation last year” when she visited our sunny city. Dasom picked Singapore in particular because she loves destinations where she is able to do some watersports.

But like us, they do have dream destinations: Dasom is thinking of a trip to the United States and Mexico next, or just about “anywhere to chill”, while Bora is thinking of visiting Boracay in the Philippines or Los Angeles.

The hardworking girls say that right now, they would rather focus on working on their comeback album and tour. Their main goals are “to be in the first place” on the top hits charts, while “treating the fans” to more live performances. Surely music to the latter’s ears indeed!

Sistar performed at the Skechers store opening party on July 1, 2015. The new Skechers flagship store is located at Ngee Ann City, #B2-04.