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Going on a holiday together is often a make-or-break thing for couples. When you’re forced to spend all that time together, without any home comforts, things can get nasty. But it’s not always bad. Here are four things you’ll learn about your relationship – and each other. 

1. How Annoying Are You?

Being together 24/7 might seem like a romantic idea but the reality is far from it. You’ll get to see each other at your worst, nothing like how you’re both generally on your best behaviour when you’re dating. Whether it’s the fact that he can’t have a conversation before 10am or that he squeezes the toothpaste in a way you don’t like, you’ll have nowhere to hide from each other. You’ll then have to step back and decide if you’re okay with dealing with his idiosyncrasies and annoying (to you, anyway) habits on a regular basis – and possibly for the rest of your life. 

2. It’s All About Compromise

It could be as simple as a situation where you want to go shopping and he wants to go on a hike. Or you could have an itinerary already planned out but then have different ideas about where to go for a meal. When you’re faced with making decisions together – especially on the most mundane things in life – you’ll have to make compromises and that truly gives you an idea of whether you can both learn to compromise with each other. 

3. Did You Just Say That?

Let’s be honest, you’re going to have a few fights when you’re travelling together, it’s just the scale that varies from couple to couple. And, when you’re cranky, you might end up saying something that’ll make the other person really angry. Did he blame you for missing the inter-city train because you were taking too long to decide what to wear? Or did he laugh it off and book tickets for the next one? How each of you deals with stressful situations is a big relationship test.

4. Let Me Entertain You

Say you’re on a road trip and in a car together for six hours. Are you able to entertain each other and  have a nice time? Or is it filled with trying-too-hard conversations and uncomfortable silences? Learning how to enjoy each other’s company without distractions such as wifi or the TV is a great way to see if you actually, honestly like being together. 


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