Avril Lavigne Hello Kitty music video pink tutu

The pink cupcake festooned tutu Avril Lavigne dons for her latest music video, “Hello Kitty”, contrary to her belief, is not at all “kawaii” (Japanese for “cute)

Oh Avril, why do you have to go and make things so complicated? Much like the infamous “Friday”, Avril Lavigne’s latest music video, “Hello Kitty”, as seen below, is so bad, we can’t decide if it’s tragically brilliant, or brilliantly tragic. That’s not the end of our confusion, however. Here are four reasons why “Hello Kitty” leaves us scratching our heads.

1. Is she 29 years-old or 12?
Avril seems like she’s making good on her promise to never grow up. In her latest music video, the nearly 30 year-old singer is seen prancing around a candy store in a mewlingly horrid pink tutu (above), affectionately labelled a “toddler cupcake skirt” by some. We’re not even going to mention the sheer ridiculousness of her lyrics. “Come, come Kitty, Kitty, you’re so pretty, pretty.” Really, Avril? 

2. Does she love Japan, really?
Even though Avril has proclaimed her great love of the country and its culture, her music video seems to say differently. Featuring her very own posse of creepy fembotic Harajuku girls (doesn’t she owe Gwen Stefani a royalty check for that?) and a very random sushi restaurant scene, the video seems more like a parody than a tribute to Japanese culture. It may be unintentional but Avril is still getting some pretty nasty comments about racism on the social media front; and not just from trolls.

3. Wait, is she dancing?
We really can’t tell. If bouncing and shoulder shaking constitutes dancing, that is some pretty cat-astrophic choreography. Set against the robotic movements of her four emotionless Japanese back-up dancers, the popstar’s subpar dancing abilities stand out even more. Next time, Avril,  just stick to strumming your guitar.

4. Hello Kitty or … ?
Despite her constant screaming about the iconic feline cartoon, there seems to be no sign of the mouthless cat in the video. Now, this makes us wonder, is this really about Hello Kitty or is it about another kind of kitty?