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Image: Vee Chin, Art direction: Alice Chua

Durex Tingle
Key feature:
The condom is coated – inside and outside – with a minty gel, which gives a tingling sensation.
Verdict: Worth trying!
He says: “I smelled a tinge of peppermint the moment I opened the packaging. The tingling sensation I felt when I used it reminded me of that feeling you get after gargling with a minty mouthwash, but less strong; it felt comfortable.”
She says: “It left a mild cooling sensation down there – but in a good way! I was hoping it would last longer though. I also liked the faint taste of peppermint, which wasn’t overly sweet or artificial – it masked the taste of latex.”

Durex Fetherlite Warming
Key features:
It has a warming pleasure gel to enhance sensation and is only 0.05mm thick (other condoms are typically 0.07mm thick).
Failed to meet expectations.
He says:
“I couldn’t feel the promised warming sensation at all and the lube dried out quickly. We did away with the condom in the end.”
She says:
“I liked the mild warming sensation, which gradually increased during sex. A pity the sensation lasted only about 20 seconds. ”

Durex Pleasuremax
Key feature:
It has a ribbed texture to enhance pleasure.
Verdict: Not worth trying… unless your guy has a big package.
He says: “It felt thick – as though I was wearing a sock. Plus, it wasn’t a good fit; it kept slipping off .”
She says: “It was disappointing – I was expecting to feel extra stimulated because of its texture, but I didn’t feel anything.”

Durex Performa
Key feature: The inside of the condom is coated with a lubricant made with 5 per cent benzocaine (a numbing agent), which helps delay his climax for longer-lasting sex.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
He says: “This had the best fit (out of the four tested). The special lube didn’t cause any itching either – a good thing, since I’ve got really sensitive skin. More importantly, it helped us reach orgasm at the same time!”
She says: “Usually, he ejaculates quite quickly, but this time, he managed to pace himself and waited till I was ready – and we reached orgasm simultaneously!”

Condoms reviewed are shown from left to right in image.

This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine May 2015.

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