Taylor swift red main

As pretty as Taylor looks in red, she seems to be a little too obsessed with the colour, no? Image: AKM-GSI/Splash News/Corbis  

Internationally famous country-pop starlet Taylor Swift writes her own chart-topping hits, frequently gets photographed with her rotating gallery of famous besties and still manages to find the time to hit up all the major cities, including Singapore, with her wildly popular RED tour. What can’t Taylor Swift do (besides differentiating moths from butterflies)? Nothing much it seems, especially when it comes to collaborations or brand endorsements; here’s three unexpected Taylor Swift collaborations that continue to mystify me.

1. Toyota’s road safety campaign

As some Swifties already know, Taylor drives a Toyota and it seems that she likes the brand so much, she recently starred in a video for the automotive brand promoting its cause for road safety. I’m sure I’m not the only one savouring the irony here, considering how she sang about ‘driving a new Maserati down a dead end street’ in her hit song “Red”.

2. Air Asia

Fans who awaited the popstar’s grand arrival at Changi Airport may have spotted Taylor’s official aircraft by AirAsia, her official airline for the RED Tour ASEAN — a red hot plane featuring larger-than-life images of the singer herself. Taylor’s supposed reasoning for this is painfully obvious — “I just had to have a red airline for my RED tour in Asia”. I don’t know about you, Taylor, but having my face plastered all over a plane, especially one from this budget airline, really doesn’t appeal to me.

3. Diet Coke

What does Taylor’s “22” and fizzy drinks have in common? The latest diet coke commercial, of course. The half-a-minute long advertisement mostly features Taylor Swift ‘composing’ and singing the famous (or infamous) single peppered with some pretty random shots of her drinking Diet Coke.

Is it just me or am I picking up a trend here? I’m beginning to think that Taylor chooses her collaborations solely based on colour — benefits of naming your album ‘Red’, I suppose. So maybe these weren’t so random after all?