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Image: Winston Chuang, Art direction: Alice Chua

#1 Zini Donut Vibrator, $239.90

What it is not: A neck pillow
How it works: This unisex vibrator has motors on both ends and is flexible enough to be hooked around almost all of the male and female erogenous zones, such as the ears, boobs and butt. Simply remove the connector (not shown) and bend the toy any way you like.
He says: “The stronger modes of vibration work wonders on the head of the penis. In fact, it felt really similar to having oral sex. I ’d definitely recommend it to other couples because it pleasures both sexes so well.”
She says: “It spiced up our sex life – there are 15 different pulsation modes to choose from; when you get bored with one, just switch to another. I was really turned on when I placed it behind my ears, and it helped me reach an orgasm almost instantly when I moved it to my nether regions.”

#2 Lelo Pino Vibrating Couple’s Ring, $249.90

What it is not: An artistic cup holder
How it works: His penis goes through the ring, while the curve-shaped bit is meant to fit snugly against your clitoris.
He says: “This was extremely easy and comfortable to use. On our first try, it gave me the best orgasm I’ve ever experienced – and it felt so natural. Be sure to give yourself enough downtime because the sensation lingers after the vibration stops.”
She says: “The ring was soft to the touch and the different vibration modes were fun to experiment with. However, we had to rely on Youtube to learn how to use it. I like that it’s waterproof.”

#3 Jimmyjane Hello Touch Luxury Wearable Vibrator, $139.90

How it works: This vibrator is made up of two pods that go on your fingers and a wristband with buttons to control the intensity of the vibrations.
He says: “I love how unsuspecting this vibrator looks. You could leave it lying around the house and no one would guess what it is. It made foreplay a lot more exciting – the vibrations roam with your fingertips, which let me get creative when caressing my wife. Another bonus: It’s waterproof. That said, the power button can be quite troublesome to deal with when you’re in the middle of sex.”
She says: “The pleasure came much faster; I reached an orgasm in half the time I usually take, thanks to the doubly powerful vibrations.”

This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine May 2015.

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