2NE1 (from L-R): Minzy, Park Bom, Dara and CL.

Popular K-pop girl group 2NE1 are in town!

The powerhouse South Korean girl group made up of four members – CL, Dara, Minzy and Park Bom – are in Singapore for the last stop of their 2NE1 New Evolution Global Tour 2012 which will take place tomorrow night at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

It’s the group’s fourth time in Singapore (they were just here earlier this month for a Singtel pop-up concert)  and leader CL expressed in fluent English “we’re really happy to be back and we love Singapore. We’re in Singapore for our own show so we’re really excited.” They’re not the only ones who are excited, 2NE1 fans (Blackjacks) are also eager to watch their long awaited concert tomorrow night.

We caught up with the group this morning at the official press conference where photographers were all attempting to get a good shot of the girls. 2NE1 arrived slightly late but looked stylish as always. Unlike their energetic personas on stage, the girls were seemingly more composed at the press conference.

The girls, who are known fashionistas, were dressed in chic black and white outfits, with some of them sporting edgy Christian Louboutin heels. When looking for fashion inspiration in their daily life, leader CL revealed cooly that her “fashion choices are mostly inspired by music”.

2NE1 are known for their ever-changing music genre and style so don’t expect them to stick to any one thing for now. CL explained, “Our music is spontaneous and changing all the time. I don’t want us to be defined”. 


On tackling homesickness
Being on the road most of the time for work, when the girls were asked what they missed most when travelling, 2NE1’s leader CL revealed that Dara is usually the one who misses home the most.  Though Dara might be homesick, she appeared cheerful as she revealed, “I miss my family, my cat and Korean food the most”. Not to worry Dara, we’re sure you’ll be able to find some good Korean food here in Singapore.  

An unexpected childhood dream
Although the 2NE1 girls are immensely passionate about their music, they may have pursued other interests if they weren’t doing music. CL revealed that she might have taken a totally different path. “When I was younger, I wanted to be a nun” , the leader said unexpectedly, to a room full of surprised faces.

Dara wants to slap someone
On the other hand, Dara who used to be an actress in the Philippines would love to try her hand in acting again. “I love acting and I miss it.  I think it is really fun because I can be anyone I want to be (when acting) and I can even slap someone’s face. I can’t do that in real life so I want to try it again”, Dara’s humorous details elicited laughs from the crowd.

Is Park Bom in trouble with YG’s health trainer again?

Park Bom adorably shared that in her free time, she likes to eat. Blackjacks will remember the numerous incidents where YG’s health trainer Hwangssabu caught Park Bom secretly munching on corn on 2NE1 TV and even forced her to stand in the middle of their gym room chanting “I hate corn”. Uh-oh, we hope Hwangssabu isn’t reading this.

The knitting poet
The youngest member of the group, Minzy, though rather quiet during the press conference, was all smiles throughout. Armed with a translator at the side, Minzy was soft spoken and answered questions mostly in Korean. But we learnt that the maknae of the group likes to knit in her free time and if she wasn’t a singer, she might have been a poet.

For aspiring K-pop stars

CL rounded up the press conference with some advice for all you K-pop hopefuls out there, “never give up, stick to what you do and love it. Have passion for it and your time will come.”

With such positive and fun energy in the room, all Blackjacks attending 2NE1’s New Evolution Global Tour can be prepared for a whole night of fun with the group tomorrow and we can’t wait!

Tickets for tomorrow’s concert are almost sold out so if you haven’t gotten yours, it’s best to do so before they all get snapped up.

2NE1 New Evolution Global Tour 2012
Date: December 1, 2012
Time: 7pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Tickets are available at SISTIC now.