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The past few weeks in the pop culture world have seen a string of problematic occurrences involving ostensible “fans” and their pranks – from Gigi Hadid’s scuffle outside Max Mara’s show in Milan to the recent armed robbery fiasco with Kim Kardashian at Paris Fashion Week.

There have been mixed responses from the public and the media, but here’s the real issue we need to think long and hard about: Why do people think that they own celebrities?

Why do these “fans” (notice that I’m using quotation marks here) think that they have the right (or even need) to man-handle the people they claim they admire?

Is it because these people think that they’ve “paid” the bill for their fame and successes? Do they assume that in the exchange of money, celebrities become their objects of possession? Do they forget that these celebrities are actual human beings?

If you think that the success of these celebrities means they are indebted to you, therefore giving you the right to “control” their lives, here’s a newsflash: You need a wake-up call.

The truth is, celebrities don’t owe their “fans” anything. After all, it is your choice to support and spend your money on your idols.

Yes, the success of celebrities depends greatly on their loyal following – but like I said, it is consensual. They give you their “services” as a singer, actor or entertainer, but ultimately, it is up to you if you want to pay for it.

I’m not saying that these celebs can go ahead and get arrogant because the truth is that their fame is, as mentioned, greatly due to their fans’ support. Gratitude is part of basic manners. But then again, being appreciative is nice, but it is not an obligation.

All in all, this is a very real issue that needs to be dealt with ASAP. How? I’m not sure for now, but what I do know is that we must always remember that celebrities are humans, and that they are not your “property” to be used and abused. Read below to check out the one-too-many instances where female celebs like Taeyeon and Gigi Hadid have been the targets of assault and harassment.



Image: Lollipop

If you have not known already, the blonde supermodel was grabbed by the waist by a stranger and lifted into the air after exiting the Max Mara show in Milan. Hadid then pulled out her self-defence skills and gave a sharp elbow jab to the man’s face. (skip to the 0:33 mark of the video). The man was later identified as a former entertainment reporter on Ukrainian television who has “pranked” other celebrities like America Ferrera and Brad Pitt.



Image: Lollipop

This year’s Paris Fashion Week has been a terribly memorable one for the reality TV star – for all the wrong reasons. Within the span of days, Kim Kardashian was harassed and then assaulted while attending PFW. She was ambushed by the same prankster who attacked Gigi Hadid – where he tried to kiss her famous behind – and was subsequently robbed at gunpoint in her Paris residence a few days later. The star hasn’t updated any of her social media platforms since the second attack, nor has she said anything of the incident. Stay strong, Kim K!



Image: Lollipop

The Korean entertainment industry is infamous for having some of the most invasive fans who are collectively referred to as sasaengs – a group of obsessive fans with stalker-like and sometimes destructive behaviour.

Taeyeon of popular South Korean girl-group Girls’ Generation is one of the many idols who has been constantly harassed by these “fans”. Earlier this year, the singer posted a screenshot* of the list of the sasaengs’ telephone numbers who have been calling her with the caption “I just want to sleep…” in the hope that this would make them stop. Odds are this plea for privacy hasn’t worked out for her.

*The idol has taken down the Instagram post. You can view the screenshot here.



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While performing at an arts institute in Korea, Nine Muses’s Hyuna did not hesitate to tell an unidentified “fan” to stop filming up her skirt. As soon as they were done performing a song, she bravely went up to the fan (or should we say “pervert”) and gestured for him (or her; the grainy video makes it hard to discern the gender) to stop the act. (see video at 11:17 min)



Image: Rihanna

The pop singer had been dealing with an alleged stalker who has posted photos of himself outside her Los Angeles house and even made death threats to her via social media back in 2015. In a disturbing twist to the saga, the man sent a graphic sexual video to the singer earlier this year, which reportedly landed him in a psychiatric hospital.



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Back in June this year, a “fan” attempted to drive through the security gate of the reality TV star’s Los Angeles mansion and then fled the scene. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time the “fan” has pulled off this antic. Fortunately, security cameras were able to pick up his license plate during his second attempt, and the “fan” was later arrested.



Image: Lollipop

The murder of Youtube-star and former The Voice contestant is definitely the worst incident on our list. Following one of her concerts, the 22-year-old was fatally shot by a “deranged fan” that reportedly spent his days watching her videos and tracking everything she did on social media. The killer then shot himself and died on the scene. RIP, Christina.