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#1 The PSLEs were a very memorable part of my childhood! I scored 216. I was particularly bad at maths – I once had a score of 28/100. But three months before the big exams, my parents sent me for tuition and I scored an A. It was a miracle as all I was aiming for was a pass.

#2 Like many other students, I would go to cafes like Starbucks to revise for exams, but I think I chatted with my friends more than I studied. 

#3 If I had to liken myself to a local drink, it would be kopi peng (iced coffee). I look cold because I don’t like to smile, but I’m quite sweet if you get to know me. When I go out with my good friends from secondary school, I drive them around – even if it’s from Woodlands to Pasir Ris. Since we are all busy with university or work, I don’t mind going the extra mile for them.

#4 My friends are in uni and I’m not. But the most important thing in life is to know what you want to do. I have never been student material. I could study day and night but my results would still be worse than my friends’. Thankfully, my parents never put any pressure on me. They are the sweetest parents in the world. In fact, when I decided to enter showbusiness, my mum was very excited for me and my dad said: “Give it a try since you are still young.”

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#5 Yes, I am quite the pampered only child. I can’t cook or use the washing machine, and I leave my dirty dishes on the table – my dad will pick up after me.

#6 My fave emoticon on Instagram is the ‘smiling face with sunglasses’. 

#7 I don’t play smartphone games. But I’m always on Whatsapp or shopping online on blogshops or Taobao. What do I buy? Smartphone covers – I have more than 50! I also like to surf 9gag (a website of funny memes and videos).

#8 My favourite Singapore dish is chicken rice – with a roasted drumstick and lots of chilli. That would also be what I would take with me to a desert island!

#9 To me, the Singapore uniform is made up of a T-shirt, shorts and slippers. Sometimes, I want to dress up but can’t because our weather is so warm! When I’m filming outdoors, I always have iced water and a portable fan with me.

#10 I didn’t know that some men here propose with an offer to co-buy an HDB flat – I wouldn’t say yes! While being romantic and creative is a bonus, I’d like the guy to at least propose with flowers.

#11 I think Singapore men know what they want in life and have it all planned – that’s a very good thing!

#12 I use Singlish all the time! When I speak to my friends, my fave phrase is “why you liddat one”.

Catch Carrie in ongoing TV drama 118 and also in the upcoming TV drama Sealed with a Kiss from Aug 27.

This story was first published in Her World Magazine August 2015.

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