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Image: Showbit.com

#1 “Anything lacy or frilly with little satin bows on them. They’re feminine, sexy and beautiful – everything men’s underwear is not.” – Edward Thomas, 33, manager

#2 “Low-slung or hipster bikini briefs. They reveal that little bit of belly overhang.” – Chin Ho, 41, graphic designer

#3 “Plain ol’ bikini briefs – they are simply designed and basic. To me, the woman who wears them has a straightforward, no-nonsense kind of personality. Supersexy.” – Malcolm Chan, 38, self-employed

#4 “Granny panties – as long as they don’t look like something my grandma would wear.” – Michael De Silva, 36, assistant supervisor

#5 “High-waisted briefs, preferably in cotton. I love how the band nips in at her waist and gives her body that feminine, hourglass shape.” – Ed Lim, 40, teacher

#6 “High-cut bikini briefs. They hide what needs to be covered, yet show just enough of a woman’s legs and thighs to titillate.” – Brandon Chong, 24, naval officer

#7 “G-strings. I like the fact that they’re barely there.” –Sam Fernandez, 38, self-employed

#8 “The cheekini. It exposes most of the butt cheeks and reveals more than a pair of bikini briefs does but less than a pair of thongs – that’s just enough skin to hold my attention.” –Nick Andrew, 42, artist

#9 “Boy briefs. I love how my other half looks in them – sexy and provocative but in a fun, playful way.” – Conrad Ho, 25, model

#10 “Sheer lace thongs. You can see a hint of skin underneath and they accentuate her backside.” – Phillip Lee, 29, personal trainer

This story was first published in Her World Magazine September 2015.

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