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In today’s modern culture, we’re diving daily into the social media realm to find all sorts of beauty and lifestyle information. In fact the social media platform Instagram has, quite literally, taken ownership for our daily #inspo where we source new food delights, makeup ideas and future outfit inspiration.  It’s opened us all up to a world where real people can inspire other real people.  We’ll cheers to that!

What with the rise of such ‘real people’ becoming influencers in their own right, we’ve sourced some of the best Malaysian and Singaporean local social media stars. These ladies have soared into the limelight with their creative and outright beautiful Instagram handles that provide us all the viewing pleasure of their awesome daily content. Scroll through to dig into some of our favourite local Instagram accounts that you need to get following:



1. @bellywellyjelly


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2. @naomineo


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3. @mongabong


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4. @roseannetangrs


5. @nicolechangmin



6. @emilyquak


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7. @sabrinatajudin


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8. @pennmyblog


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9. @cherriemun_


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10. @jynnlooi


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Article first published on Favful.sg