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Not only is she gorgeous on the outside, she’s beautiful on the inside too. Emma Watson is no doubt the accurate representation of beauty with brains. She’s an inspiration to all of us! Catch her in Beauty And The Beast in Cinemas March 16. 



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1. She’s a certified yoga and meditation instructor

Seems like acting isn’t her only forte. 


2. She’s a straight As student

Despite having to continue her studies during the filming of the Harry Potter series, she received straight As on her A-levels.


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3. Emma is an avid bookworm

Reading is one of her favourite hobbies.


4. She’s an Ivy League school graduate

Emma graduated from Brown University with a degree in English literature.


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5. Emma was appointed as a visiting fellow at Oxford University in England.

Meaning she’ll visit the school occasionally and give lectures, debates, or any form of outreach.


6. She’s a UN Women Goodwill ambassador

She’s fighting for gender equality for women and girls all over the world!

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7. She’s the pioneer of the HeForShe Campaign

The campaign encourages males to stand against inequalities faced by females. (And her opening speech for the campaign went viral!)


8. She can speak French.

She was born in Paris, France, and moved back to England when she was five.



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9. She loves sports.

Especially hockey, netball and tennis. She can dance too!


10. She designed a clothing line with ethical fashion label People Tree

Tree promotes fair trade and fights poverty by providing more job opportunities for people living in developing countries.


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