Love it or hate it — the controversial Netflix series, Emily in Paris is returning for another season and we’ve got the scoop. For some, they find this series their guilty pleasure, while others have panned the romantic-comedy-drama for its cliches and shallow portrayal of French culture. Amid the criticisms made about the show, it isn’t clear what people expected from the show, but whatever the case may be, it definitely got the audience (French and international) hooked.

Emily in Paris 3

In season one, the show follows a young, fashion-forward American woman from Chicago — in this case, Emily, which stars Lily Collins — who moves to Paris, landing her dream job; handling social media at a luxury marketing firm. Walking into a culture of which she makes no effort to familiarise herself with, she was tasked to advise the firm of their strategies with an “American perspective” (which was enough to cause quite a stir on social media and the French).

Recently, Netflix confirmed the fall’s most polarising show will be back for a second run, and the streaming service made the announcement in a very clever way.

Emily in Paris Letter from Savoir — Season 2
Credit: Netflix

Doctoring up a letter from Savoir, the luxury agency Emily works for, the quirky note was penned by her boss, Sylvie, informing the US office that the firm needs her assistance despite how annoying they find her.

Darren Star teases about the second season

Creator, Darren Star, who’s also widely known for being the brainchild of Sex and The City, spills that if and when Emily returns, she will be more settled in Paris. In an interview done with, Star says “In season 2, she’s going to be more of a part of the fabric of the world she’s living in. She’ll be more of a resident of the city,”. He also adds, “She’ll have her feet on the ground a little more. She’s making a life there.”

Is there something between Emily and Camille?

Though we’ve had our fair share of drool-worthy moments with some of the characters from the show — including Gabriel, played by Lucas Bravo — the actor also hinted that there could be more layers to the love triangle than we thought.

Emily in Paris 1

One thing’s for sure, the escapist series couldn’t have come at a better time. Although 2020 has posed many challenges for us, the series might just be the best option for escaping real life, especially during the pandemic. Living in the City of Light, some of Paris’ most beautiful spots plays the backdrop for many scenes where Emily can be seen prancing around Paris, going to restaurants, winding down sipping on a glass of red, and basically having the time of her life without having to worry about having to quarantine or even wearing a mask around. With reality being so rough these days, some agree that something as lighthearted and funny as this series is what we all need to escape.

The allure of the French-girl style

Aside from its controversial plot, the series has also been spotlighted for its unique taste in style.

Emily in Paris 2

We have to admit, we have casted an eye for some of the outfits worn by Emily in the show and it’s hardly surprising that it’s been the talk of the town considering the show’s styling is courtesy of Patricia Fields who has been the mastermind behind the outfits in Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada. If you’ve watched the first 10-episode series, you’d know why.

Now with the second season coming, we couldn’t be more excited to witness what they have in stores for us all. Could there be more scene-stealing ensembles with a mix of patterns, colours, designer pieces? Or can we expect more unrepentant tackiness with pieces that are, in Pierre’s words, ringarde? Well, only time will tell.

Filming for season 2 could be delayed

With the coronavirus pandemic, filming for Emily in Paris season 2 could be delayed and is heavily dependant on the filming rules in France and the travel restrictions for the American cast and crew of the show too.

Till then, we will have to settle with rewatching the first series of the show while we wait for the premiere of the next season on Netflix.