#daretodream: A Singapore blogger leads creatives for a good causeTo volunteer for a charitable cause requires time and effort; to spearhead and lead a volunteer group would demand even more dedication on your part.

Yet that is what 22-year-old student Jeraldine Phneah (seen on the right) has managed, while juggling schoolwork and other personal commitments too; she started up a volunteer group as a young journalism undergraduate in 2013.

Phneah has founded and heads Creatives for Causes, a non-profit team of 120 volunteers who help to promote awareness of do-good programs by Assisi Hospice, Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations and more non-profit organisations in Singapore.

Volunteers at the year-old Creatives for Causes group give their time to help write, design and lead publicity campaigns for charitable causes, upon the behest of any non-profit organisation in need; requests are filed through an online form on the Creatives for Causes webpage.

Of her altruistic work, Phneah says that she “believe(s) strongly in a quote from American activist Caesar Chavez, who had said ‘We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community … Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others.’”

#daretodream: A Singapore blogger leads creatives for a good causeJeraldine Phneah founded and leads Creatives for Causes, a volunteer group that provides pro-bono services for charitable causes. IMAGE: CREATIVES FOR CAUSES

The blogger also strives to make philanthropy a part of her life, even as a pageant contestant for the Miss World Singapore contest in 2013.

While she did not win the title, Phneah made full use of her beauty queen position to help publicise a good cause that she was supporting, back in May 2013. Together with fellow undergraduate Mah Poh Ee, Phneah also led a petition to re-introduce dialects on Singapore media.

#daretodream: A Singapore blogger leads creatives for a good cause
Jeraldine Phneah used her role as a Miss World Singapore 2013 finalist to help promote her petition for local dialects. IMAGE: JERALDINE PHNEAH

In a Straits Times interview back in May 2013, Phneah said that she wanted to reach out to the elderly who are only able to converse in dialects. The thoughtful grandchild was inspired by her grandmother, who “has trouble walking, so television and radio are her main sources of entertainment”.

“I love that Jeraldine has used her beauty queen status to do good, help others and become a community champion,” says Genevieve Jiang, editor of Her World magazine. “Such idealism, passion and drive — she’s truly inspirational.”

Niki Bruce, editor of herworldPLUS, agrees: “So much more than just a pretty face, Jeraldine has parlayed her position into a successful community endeavor. This is a very practical dreamer indeed, and a welcome addition to our #daretodream nominees.”

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