Over the past few weeks, the ‘Dalgona’ trend has gone beyond just Dalgona Coffee—people have been creating their very own versions and sharing them on social media. Some of the variations include Milo Dalgona, Matcha Dalgona and even Dalgona Bandung. 

But out of all these variations, one has completely made a storm on social media—Strawberry Dalgona.

Popularised by the Instagram user Valentina Mussi @sweetportfolio, this Strawberry Dalgona drink aka Whipped Strawberry Milk is said to only use two ingredients: Strawberry Nesquik powder and heavy whipping cream. 

So, to satisfy my curiosity and taste buds, I decided to try and make this drink for myself. But, unfortunately, as I went online and to my local grocery stores, I realised there was no Strawberry Nesquik powder to be found anywhere. 

It was sold out online, and the local grocery stores didn’t stock it. So, I took my search back online and came across an Instagram user, @munchieslog, who posted her own version of the Whipped Strawberry drink, but made using actual strawberries. I thought this was more doable (since I could actually find the strawberries) and decided to give it a go.

Making Strawberry Dalgona

First, you need to make a syrup. Cut up 7 to 8 strawberries, and mash or blend them until you get a jam-like consistency. After that, mix in 60ml of sugar in with the strawberries. 

Then add the mixture into a pot and simmer it on the stove. Once the mixture starts boiling, turn off the heat and stir. Then, keep it aside and let it cool down. Congrats, you’ve successfully made the strawberry syrup. 

Now, to make the actual strawberry cream, add about 50ml of whipped cream into the syrup. I didn’t have whipped cream, so I used evaporated milk instead. Next, whisk away until the froth is made. 

Then simply add milk and ice into a glass, then add the froth. 

The End Product 

Now, this drink kind of went south for me and that was because I used evaporated milk instead of whipping cream. If you intend to make this drink, make sure you have whipping cream! It makes a huge difference in the way this drink turns out. I used evaporated milk because I read online that it could be a substitute, but I was wrong.

And because of this misjudgment, my mixture barely became frothy, and it turned out to be more of a jam-in-milk than a cream. 

But apart from the fact that this drink did not turn out frothy, it actually tasted quite nice. It was sweet, light and since I used real strawberries, it gave the drink a somewhat freshly-made taste (vs. a packaged drink).

Is It Worth Your Time?

But would I make this drink again? No. It takes a lot of time and effort to make just one cup of this drink, and honestly, I’d rather make a smoothie, which is way quicker and involves less washing. 

Plus, the taste of the Strawberry Dalgona is similar to that of normal strawberry milk (duh), so personally, I would rather spend my money getting a $2 strawberry milk carton than having to buy strawberries for $7 just to make this drink. 

But, if you do have access to the Strawberry Nesquik powder, or you’re really wanting to try a strawberry version of the Dalgona Coffee, have a go at making this Whipped Strawberry drink. 

Or if you’re simply bored at home and you have leftover strawberries lying around, kill your boredom by making this drink. 

Images: Sally Manik
Recipe: @munchieslog / Instagram 

This story was originally published on Cleo.