Twitter has reached new creative levels with a new initiative called #Tweetjams – now you can help create a song using the microblogging tool as part of Social Media Week.

Social Media Week is a seven-day, 12-city initiative for people to connect through talks, gigs and get-togethers based on the central theme of social media.

To be a part of the #Tweetjams event, all you have to do is come up with a cool lyric or line you’d like to see in a song and tweet it with the hashtags #tweetjams and #smwsg. If you’re lucky, Singapore hiphop/alternative/soul nine-piece band Sixx (pictured below) might just incorporate it into an original song being written just for the event.

Twitterers have until February 14 to send in their thoughts. And you don’t have to come up with lines which are especially clever or deep. Anything goes, which is part of the fun.

Here are some lyrics already contributed by the twitterverse:

  • thetweepleSGP: @wearesixx Let the music heal your soul #tweetjams #smwsg
  • rissherish:  “U don’t hve to be big and powerful to be graceful… @wearesixx #tweetjams #smwsg
  • rissherish: …But u have to learn to give 2nd chances, and sometimes put our egos aside.” @wearesixx #tweetjams #smwsg
  • mallika_87: Because it can only get better from here…#tweetjams #smwsg
  • ezzatisaid: @wearesixx!. “I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE” 😉 #tweetjams #smwsg

If you’ve missed the chance however, you can still attend the event and see your live tweets showcased as part of a performance by local audio-visual collective Syndicate.

Other highlights include the launching of Sixx’s new single Supersonic (which you can listen to on the Sixx Facebook page), t-shirts with exclusive and customisable silk-screen designs, Smirnoff housepours and the chance to win a Nokia Lumia 3 mobile phone.

#Tweetjams will be held on Feb 16 at Lucky 13 (#01-02 Triple One Somerset) at 8pm. Admission is free but you must register at Log on to and to find out more about Sixx and Syndicate.

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