Chinese culture has roots that stretch far back in time. Over the years, several offshoot practices have emerged, often confusing many who practise the culture or express interest to learn it.

The highlight of this culture – Chinese New Year – is no stranger to this equation. From its origins to the manner in which it is observed in this day and age, there’s a certain degree of uncertainty that shrouds the Lunar New Year. With uncertainty comes myths.

So as we embrace CNY this weekend, we decided it’s high time to address common myths that shroud important areas of life such as wealth, relationships and career. So, let’s start practicing the right way in the coming Year of the Fire Rooster.


While refraining from sweeping the floors of your home may be able to reduce the likeliness of money loss, it is also important to direct your wishes to the correct channel. On the first day of Chinese New Year, ask what you would like to receive in wealth from the God of Wealth.

In Feng Shui terms, it would be to receive Qi from the stars. For example, the God of Wealth would be sitting at the Southeast sector. Look for a bright star at the corresponding sector from the day before and make your wish for happiness throughout the whole year. The God of Wealth should be your main focus, but by all means, go ahead and raise that Yee Sang higher.


There is a belief that giving out Ang Pow could help foster better relationships. Unfortunately, that is not entirely the case. Like for wealth, you should direct your wishes to the right channel. In this case, it would be the God of Happiness.

This too is an integral part of the first day of Chinese New Year. You must first ensure that Qi is able to meander in and outside your home before lifting up your prayers to strengthen existing bonds or to make new relationships in the year ahead. Be sure to wish for a fruitful lunar calendar year, which will bring about more reunion dinners to look forward to.


In terms of returning back to the office, there are indeed specific auspicious dates and times according to your astrology signs. To flourish in aspects of career, one could also host a Lion Dance to activate the corresponding Qi at their homes.

In order to receive the Qi directly from the stars in Feng Shui practice, one should ask to receive the assistance of Nobleman from the God of Nobility. These Noble people would be of great assistance at work and asking for this on the first day of Chinese New Year is indeed most effective.

The credibility of other myths like refraining from washing hair, or clearing out any debts before ushering in the New Year are indeed questionable, but they do encourage us to make a strong charge into the New Year.

As long as we possess the right intentions, coupled with the right attitude – half the battle of preparing for the New Year can be considered won.

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