Combat foggy lenses with OptifogPicture this: You’re having coffee with the guy of your dreams while making eyes at each other across the table. Leaning in for a sip of your piping hot latte, you coyly peep over the rim of the mug only to realise that you can’t see him through your fogged-up glasses.

To help solve the problem of foggy lenses, leading ophthalmic optics manufacturer, Essilor, has developed Optifog, a lens that combats mist by spreading the tiny water droplets caused by condensation evenly across the lens of your glasses to form a thin film that is invisible to the wearer so vision isn’t obstructed even with sudden changes in temperature.

As well as being anti-fog, Optifog lenses also come with glare reduction, dust-repellent, and scratch-resistant properties, making them a useful addition to your eyewear.

No matter the type of vision correction needed, you can request for Optifog lenses as they come in both clear and tinted versions. Polarised or transition versions are also available upon request.

Optifog is available at leading optical stores. For more information, visit