The festive season seems to always start earlier and earlier every year.

That said, planning ahead can really take the pressure and stress off when Christmas Day suddenly approaches.

If you needed another excuse to break out the baubles before Christmas Eve, putting up Christmas decorations early can boost happiness.

Don’t believe us?

A study by Florida-based psychotherapist Amy Morin found that those who put their seasonal decorations ahead of time are way happier than those who wait.

But to keep you even happier, we figured we’d make the decoration process simple. A lot of the dread and fear comes from the stress of getting it all done, or doing it and it ends up looking really tacky.

So why not sidestep all that nonsense and make life easy again?

These 4 festive-yet-stylish decorating hacks should put the smile back on your face in no time.


Inside out

Floral Atelier Festive Pine Wreath, $175

Don’t just keep Christmas wreaths on your front door, they look great inside too.  If you’re feeling creative, find an empty wall in your apartment and hang a series of simple wreaths at various heights.

For a wreath that is rooted in nature, try this fern, pinecone and bright red berry wreath from Floral Atelier. Effortlessly styled and finished with a bohemian look, it’s a nod to tradition and it adds just the right amount of seasonal décor to your home.


Good things come in small packages

Floral Atelier Petite Christmas Tree $185 (right) and Crimson Floral Tree ($165)

Even if you’re short on space, you don’t have to cut down on your holiday preparations. You need not always invest in a huge tree to bring the festive spirit to your home.

A small Christmas tree aesthetically decorated like this one from Floral Atelier can fill all the gaps elegantly and is a huge space-saver as well.

To save even more space, your mini Christmas tree can also double as your table centerpiece.


Lighten up the atmosphere

BoConcept Wire Bowl, $145

Create your own Christmas display on a decorative tray like this one from BoConcept and place it on your dining table or coffee table.

To give it a festive look, place inside a small sprig of holly, berries and pine cones. You can even throw in Christmas baubles in cheery colours like red and gold. Chic, stylish and simple.


Bookmark this idea

Books from Times (left to right) – “Joyful,” $59.92 “My Asian Kitchen,” $40.66 “Bluffer’s Guide to Wine,” $12.84

Rather than spending oodles of money on elaborate ornaments, make the decorations yourself by upcycling the books you have at home. When you do so, you are not only saving yourself some money, you are also doing your bit for the environment.

One way to jazz up your humble abode with books is to stack books of various shapes and sizes to create a tabletop tree. It’s the little touches that makes Christmas special. As a finishing touch, you can even wrap fairy lights around your homemade mini tree.


Sweets for your sweet

Muji Soda-lime Dessert Glass, $6.30

When the family come to visit over Christmas, it’s a known fact you need to keep them all well fed.

Do not stress about hungry bellies – arrange colourfully wrapped candies and chocolates in glass bowls and jars for a cheap but chic way to decorate your home. Don’t be afraid to use garish and bold colours!

All of the aforementioned tenants can be found in Paragon.