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Guru Jagat, who’s based in Los Angeles, is a teacher of Kundalini Yoga. It’s a more esoteric branch of the practice – that promises, through a series of movement, breathing, and meditation techniques – to “upgrade your body’s operating system and reset your life”.

“Part of what Kundalini Yoga does is that it gets the brain chemistry back to what it was like when you were a child, when you  were happy, curious, and vital. It basically creates a more balanced brain chemistry,” she told Her World during a visit to Singapore earlier this week. She was in town to conduct a mass meditation session with Capella Singapore.

So is it that hard to be happy? Guru Jagat says your starting point is here:


You have to consciously breathe

It sounds simple, but most people don’t do this, says Guru Jagat. “Whether it’s just long, deep breaths through my nose for a couple of minutes or practising a lot of breath throughout the day, that’s a baseline for me”, she adds. “If you can pay attention to your breath in a challenging moment, and take deep breaths, it just brings you back to the centre.”

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Ditch the sugar

Guru Jagat says she feels much more balanced when she’s not guzzling sweet treats. “Sugar makes me not happy. As much as I like it, the blood sugar spikes really create moodiness. Sugar is an amphetamine. It brings you up, and then of course naturally you have to come down”, she points out. “[My teacher] Yogi Bhajan said sugar is the enemy of a woman’s youth. It affects your skin tone, your metabolism, your ageing process – so he was a big one for no sugar.”


Make time for love

“This is very important – I make time for quality connection with my boyfriend, my friends, and just other people. It sounds mundane, but many people don’t make time in their busy lives for quality time with their loved ones,” she says.


Get involved in creating something

“No matter what you’re doing  – whether you’re working at a job that may not be your favourite thing to do, or whether you’re doing the job you always dreamt of doing – you have to come to it with a creative, fresh perspective”, says Guru Jagat.  If your work doesn’t do it for you, find other ways to create, she adds. Art could be one way of doing it, but a simpler, yet equally effective and satisfying act of creativity would be to prepare a beautiful meal.

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“You gotta move your body in one way or another, every day. If you don’t move your body, you just don’t feel good. We’re not meant to be sedentary. Whether it’s a walk, yoga, or something that’s going to move your body a little bit – that’s a necessity,” she says.