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Thanks to foodpanda, we now know what the most popular home delivery food is in Singapore! The online food delivery network recently released an infographic containing the most commonly ordered dishes in Asia, with some surprising results!

Thailand, for example, is known for maintaining many food traditions and their deep reverence for their royal family, so it’s hard to imagine that the Thais also have a weakness for french fries!

As for our homeland, Singapore’s most loved dish scored the highest percentage of orders on foodpanda, totalling 43 percent of all delivery orders. Which is a pretty high rating for a single dish! So what is it that makes Singaporeans weak at the knees?


Image by: AFP Relax news

Singaporeans’ favourite home delivery food is … Pizza! Specifically, Hawaiian pizza.

Since 2013, pizza orders in Singapore have increased by 178 percent, thanks to heightened demand and also the emergence of popular vendors such as Pastamania, Sarpino’s and Napolizz. The availability of halal pizzas has also contributed to the surge in pizza orders.

With its affordable prices and large range of toppings, the pizza has become the fuss free option for many of us after long, hard day of work.

The largest pizza order in Singapore was a record breaking 45 pizzas! That must have been one amazing party.

After reading so much about pizza, are you hungry? If you’re keen on having pizza, why not try ordering it from the foodpanda site or app?

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