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Sitting all day in a chair spells big trouble for your health, doctors warn. But inventors are hoping to reverse the risks of so-called “sitting disease” with cool new devices designed to get you moving while not interfering with the work you have to do. Aiming to compete with popular treadmill desks is Active Desk, which combines a recumbent exercise bike with a desk, allowing you to casually burn calories throughout the day while you email, type, or make phone calls.

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According to a video featuring the device’s creator, Dr. Jim Martin, a professor in exercise and sports science at the University of Utah and fellow in the American College of Sports Medicine, users can expect to burn 300 to 800 calories a day with low-intensity pedaling. If the idea of typing or surfing with a mouse while walking on a treadmill seems impractical, Active Desk offers even more support with a body-steadying elbow tray.

Active Desk is currently raising funds at the crowdfunding site RocketHub, where $2,000 will purchase one of the first desks off the production line.

A similar, considerably more expensive option is the Belgium-made WeBike, which provides a cycling workstation for three for $13,154. The company behind the design, We-Watt, says that the system can generate around 230 Vac/30 Watts of output per seat. – AFP RELAXNEWS