Regardless of the type of lifestyles we personally lead, whether hectic or placid, we can be a little guilty of undermining the true importance of taking some invaluable me-time. It’s true that life waits for no one, and we’re proud to label ourselves as ‘go-getters of the 21st century’. But when the tough truly gets going, all we really need is a tranquil treat-yo’self sesh that’ll get us to kick our shoes off and relax.

And what better way to do that than to draw ourselves a bath? Look no further than this guide for a definitive recipe to a spa-at-home experience. Sit back and soak in these premeditated concoctions that’ll suit your individual lifestyle, and let the bath do all the work in loosening some knots.




1. For the insomniac


1 tablespoon of Epsom Salt


1 tablespoon of This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak bath salts

1 bergamot, squeezed

1 sprinkle of lavender petals


To best ready your ever-churning mind for a restful night of sleep, add some epsom salt ($5.80) to your bath to ease stress and relax the body. This Works’ bath salts ($51) are also known to relieve stress, tension and physical exhaustion. For an extra dash of relaxation, lavender and bergamot are natural ingredients known to stimulate tranquility and soothe the mind.


2. For the stressed out working woman


1 bar of Brightside Bubble Bar

1 tablespoon of Joik energising bath salts

1/2 teaspoon of cedarwood essential oil

1 sprinkle of clove


For an invigorating bath experience after a worn out day of slaving it out 9-5, hop into a bath with this uplifting bubble bar from Lush ($18) made with mandarin, bergamot and tangerine to leave you refreshed and energised again. JOIK’s bath salts ($27) will offer you an added dose of pampering with its minerals-rich sea salt, grapefruit, orange, and lemon essential oils. Top it all off with clove and cedarwood for a strengthening, stress-relieving lift.


3. For the multi-tasker


1 bar of Ceridwen’s Cauldron Bath Melt


1 bar of Sea Monster bubble bar

1 water resistant speaker

1 bathtub tray

For the ever-restless multi-tasker, take leisure reading or browsing on your iPad to the next level by doing so in a relaxing bath with this bathtub tray (S$50.60). In need of sweet tunes while taking a dip in the tub? Look to a waterproof speaker like this one from SoundBot (US$15). You’ll also be able to keep yourself busy with Lush’s Sea Monster bubble bar ($20).Its playdoh-like texture allows you to reshape it into anything of your imagination. For something that’ll enrich your skin, go for Lush’s Ceridwen’s Cauldron Bath Melt ($17) to soften and condition your skin. A plus point for the fidgety soul: Once it has melted, you can even use the bag as a washcloth to exfoliate and scrub down your body further.


4. For the spontaneous try-it-all


1 Underwater Disco Light

1 ball of Cake-flavoured fizzer (with hidden surprise)


1 ball of Treasure Bomb fizzer (with hidden surprise)


1 ball of Intergalactic Bath Bomb (no surprise here, just an explosion of colours)


Cue underwater disco lights and funky bath bombs that’ll leave a trail of fun and unexpected amusement to treat your adventurous soul. Bring on the Friday Night party spirit everyday with this underwater light (£7.99) that’ll instigate some killer dance moves in the tub. If you’re a fan of surprises, look to these bath fizzers from Da Bomb (US$7.50) that’ll keep you in anticipation for a hidden toy or knick knack. And, well, for a bath with colours so mesmerising and psychedelic just like the vibrancy of your intrepid spirit, invest in Lush’s Intergalactic Bath Bomb ($15).


5.  For the busy mum


1 Non-slip bath pillow

1 bathtub wine holder

1 tablespoon of Aromatherapy & Associates bath oil

½ teaspoon of tea tree leaf essential oil

1 sprinkle of mint leaves


You deserve the foremost epitome of relaxation,mothers – or should we say, warriors. Treat yourself to the finest bath concoction with Aromatherapy Associates’ bath oil ($117) for an unwinding experience that’ll de-stress both the mind and muscle with its ingredients from the likes of wild camomile, rosemary, frankincense and petitgrain. To soothe your skin and even out complexion, add mint leaves and tea tree essential oils to restore equilibrium to the pH level of your skin. And the ultimate luxury which you deserve: A bath pillow ($21.68) and wine holder ($18.92) for… well, we don’t really need to spell it out for you, do we? You already know it’s going to be an unsurpassed tranquil experience with these bath-time must-haves.