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Are you ready to head back to work?


To all the homebodies who are loving every bit of working from home, we sincerely apologise. But for those who have been living in never ending cabin fever, there’s good news. The Circuit Breaker is ending in two weeks.


And here’s how you get your groove back once you’re permitted to return to the office. 

Dress up


A quick way to perk yourself up is to get back into your morning routine (before CB). While slacking around the house in your pyjamas sans makeup is considered as pretty ideal, taking a quick shower and putting on your makeup is a great way to get yourself into the right mindset. You’ll feel less sluggish and more eager to head out of the house. 

Make future plans 

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While meeting up isn’t allowed, planning ahead will brighten your mood. It gives you a goal to look forward to. And if you haven’t spoken to your friends because you’ve been cooped up at home, it’s about time you started. 

Start waking up at the time you used to

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You’ve gone soft – waking up just before 9am and rushing to turn your desktop on before your work day starts. It’s time to establish a productive routine and that starts with waking up at the time you used to.

Plus, waking up early has its benefits. For one, you’ll have more time to eat breakfast (instead of skipping it) before you start work.

Check in with your colleagues to see how they’re doing


A quick way to remember that you actually have a physical workplace, and to prepare yourself for yet another change in working environment, is to check in with your colleagues. Grabbing lunch together and taking breaks now seem like a distant memory, but with phase one of the post-circuit breaker measures in place, we should all expect to go back to work soon. 

Make a point to be more active 

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If you’ve spent way too much time binge watching Netflix and laying around, start working out. You don’t have to go straight into HIIT classes but a stroll at your neighbourhood park will get your blood flowing.

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