Super club Avalon is not closing after all.

The Facebook post on the club’s official page on Monday that stated that the club would open its doors for “the final time” on Saturday, was the result of “misinformation”.

This is according to Mr Peter Coney, who is chairman of a company called CPM, which handles the operations of Marina Bay Sands nightspots Avalon and Pangaea.

He said of the post: “It’s just misinformation, wires were crossed… it hasn’t closed. We’re basically going through a series of renovation work. We still have people there, we’re still selling alcohol.”

The post, which had read “On Saturday, 2nd November 2013, Avalon Singapore will open its doors for the final time”, has since been taken down.

Mr Coney, an Australian, declined to say what the renovations at Avalon would entail as “we want to keep the surprise for the patrons”.

He said the renovations would take “several months”, and some “parts of the club will be shut off”, but he hopes to keep the club running “as long as we can, as long as it is practical and feasible to remain open” during the renovation period.

Responding to comments from club-goers that business at the club has been slow over the past few months, Mr Coney said: “We wouldn’t be going ahead, spending money on renovations if we didn’t believe it will be an improvement to customer experience.”

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