Q: I started dating this dude a month ago, and he’s already bringing up the topic of meeting my parents. How do I let him know that this is too much, too fast?

Well, I think, you could just uh… tell him it’s a little too fast. You absolutely have a point, it’s only been a month, and eager beaver over there already wants an intro to the fam? It’s a bit much. And I get that you’re worried because you fear that you’re going to smash the eager beaver’s enthusiasm towards the relationship, but you won’t. If you just tell him, “Dude, it’s only been a month. It’s a little quick, no?” I’m sure he’ll see your point. And if he doesn’t… perhaps it’s time to rethink going long- term with a beaver.

Q: My partner and I have been in a long-term relationship of four years, and we’ve been talking about marriage since a year ago. I want to propose to him, but I’m worried that he might be too freaked out by the role reversal.

Role reversal is good! In Hollywood, that’s how they keep things fresh. ASK JAY Got a relationship problem? Jason Godfrey, our resident guy expert, is here to help. Remember that Ghostbusters film that went all-female? OK maybe that’s a bad example, but remember when someone touted Gillian Anderson in a pant suit for the new James Bond? That was incredible! Don’t be scared about freaking him out. And even if you do freak him out, it’ll probably be in a good way. Guys don’t like trying to sort out the proposal process, so if you do it for him, chances are he’ll be freaked out by sheer happiness.

This article was first published in Her World’s February issue.