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Got a relationship problem? Jason Godfrey, our resident guy expert, is here to help. This month, Jason discusses what to do if you want to quit your job without a plan or if your best friend has gone all bridezilla on you.

I want to join the Great Resignation, but I’ll be honest – I don’t have a plan. Should I just hunker down and wait out this inflationary period, or take the plunge?

So, you’ve decided to quit your job. And with no plan, you say? Do it! What could go wrong? Seriously though, the Great Resignation isn’t about people quitting their jobs just because. The pandemic has made
people realise that life is short. Many have quit their jobs to start their own business or to freelance. Which is to say that the Great Resignation is being driven by people quitting to do something they really want to do. Which is to say, they all have a plan. They might not have the best plans, but they at least have one. But hey, you do you! You never know – given the current economic condition, the Great Resignation may be poised to turn into the Great Lay Off, so it might be a pre-emptive move.

My friend is getting married, and is expecting all of us to pitch in for a very costly overseas bridal shower, our bridesmaid dresses, the wedding gift…It’s all getting very expensive. How can I handle this situation, and save my bank account and my friendship?

What to do when your friend goes all Bridezilla and starts expecting everyone to pony up for her dream wedding? Sadly, you just have to tell her honestly. It’s probably best to get all the bridesmaids together and let her know you all love her, and want her to have a great day, but you all still have to eat and pay
rent – because, you know, you have to live too. Hopefully, she’s just gotten a little carried away, and when she realises that all of you are happy to support as long as she’s being reasonable, she’ll back off.