Here at Her World, we’ve long been inspired by the variety of zesty, multi-coloured sports gear which has been gathering momentum over the last few years. Seeing the Insta-girls and Victoria’s Secret angels with their #TrainLikeAnAngel posts has us hankering after an Insta-worthy bod and quite frankly, being strong and healthy is the new self-loving sexy!

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Rather than just posing in our newly acquired zany, sports luxe garments, we wanted to know how to actually best work out in them! We decided to consult a locally loved and followed fitness guru, our very own Georgina Poh! Yet to even graduate from her Sports Science degree, she currently has 128,000 followers on Instagram (@sugarrandspice), is a Nike Influencer, ambassadress of Nutrifirst and Zespri kiwi fruits and a certified personal trainer with so many clamouring to be her clients she has had to turn a few away! A true superwoman.  

Georgina was kind enough to answer our burning questions to help us get with the programme and cultivate a healthy body, diet and mind to achieve our best fitness levels. Throughout September, we will be sharing with you regular insights and tips for staying fit and looking fabulous while at our desks from Her World’s fave fitness guru and #WomanCrushWednesday, Miss Georgina Poh!

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Her World: Let’s start at the beginning, can you tell us more about your fitness journey? Were you always an active person from a young age? Or was there a pivotal point when it all began?

Georgina Poh: I guess I have always been an active kid. I used to be a netballer but I only started paying more attention to being fit when I started [weight] lifting at 19. I was really intrigued by weight lifting as not many girls were lifting at that time and I was wondering, why?

HW: Why did you decide to start sharing your journey, did you intend to build a following or did it happen organically?

GP: All I wanted to do was to use Instagram to keep track of my progress and share my passion. Never would I have dreamed that it would be where it is today and it still feels surreal to me!

HW: Can you tell us your ideal meal plan (including snacks) for a day in the life of Georgina Poh? And what would be your ultimate cheat meal?

GP: Many probably know that I am not very “disciplined” when it comes to my diet. I have a mega sweet tooth and I love things like cakes, ice cream, waffles, bubble tea etc. On some weeks, I can even eat them on a daily basis! My trick would be to share them and have them in moderation. Portion control when it comes to desserts is very important to me. I don’t follow any particular meal plan but I do make it a point to consume more carbohydrates in the day than at night.



HW: We have heard it said that 80% of your body shape is to do with what you eat, and merely 20% on your workout, have you found this to be true?

GP: I would say that workout definitely plays a bigger role in my life in comparison to my diet but if you really want a killer bod with a six pack, I would say it is 100% diet and 100% workout instead. Both are equally important components!

WATCH VIDEO: Georgina shows us some of her morning workout moves, and reveals why she favours Zespri kiwis to give her metabolism a boost here:


We hope you’ve enjoyed Part 1 of our Ask Georgina series! Look out for next week’s installment as we quiz our fitness guru about her sleeping habits, personal #fitspiration and how working out helps her overcome diagnosed Hypermobility Syndrome.

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