Emma Yong Theatre actress Emma Yong, has passed away on May 2, 2012, after fighting stomach cancer for over a year. She was 36.

Besides her diverse roles on stage and on screen, Yong was popularly known as one of the three Dim Sum Dollies, a musical cabaret group.

The actress was diagnosed with Stage 4 of stomach cancer in January 2011.

Although Yong continued to appear on stage last year, the actress had to pull out of the Crazy Christmas musical in December due to a relapse.

News of Yong’s death first broke over Twitter at 12.26am this morning, when actress Neo Swee Lin tweeted her condolences: “RIP darling Emma. Angels bear you aloft. Our performing family has lost one of our greatest talents. #heartbreak.” Neo has since deleted the tweet.

Watch a performance by the late actress in the video below. PHOTO: EMMA YONG