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We tested out HTC’s Re camera and we loved it! The compact-sized asthma inhaler-shaped camera works super fast and it will be a great addition to your packing list. Here’s why:

1. No lag time

The HTC Re doesn’t have any power button because it turns on immediately when you pick it up, no questions asked. Never miss a moment again!

2. Wide lens means more groupies (group selfies)

We love that the wide angle lens (146 degrees, to be precise) helps take selfies without getting that crazy selfie arm. The wide lens kinda warps the perspective so you can fit more people in frame (yay!) but it’s less obvious than a fish eye lens so you don’t get a ‘fishy’ face. Crazy foreheads and enlarged noses, no thank you!

3. Wide lens means you concentrate on your holiday

Don’t worry about not getting that fat man boogie-ing in the background. The wide lens captures a wider perspective and that means it gets everything. Still, we recommend some trial and error before you sail off.

4. Lightweight body, no aching arms!

As a self proclaimed shutterbug, my chief complaints are heavy cameras since sometimes you might have to hold the camera for an extended period, and when the limbs grow sore they shake and interfere with getting good footage. With this baby camera you won’t need to worry about crazy tingles in your guns.

5. Completely waterproof, without any bulk

Without any waterproofing cover, the HTC Re is actually waterproof up to one meter under water. That means splashing good fun!

6. It adjusts to light changes quickly

Trust me on this, you do not want a bright background with a dark silhouette of a person in your pictures and videos. The HTC Re just manages to avoid that!

7. Go hands free

We like that you can strap the HTC Re to your head, however silly it might seem. The contraption resembles a coal miner’s hat, with some additional straps and a blimp to hold the camera. There’s also an option to strap it to your shoulder, just remember not to shrug.

8. Slow mo and time lapse function

Given this camera’s pretty impressive portfolio, a slow motion and timelapse function seems to be an icing on the cake. These modes do not capture sound, but you’ll have to forgive that.

9. Good sound capture

I don’t know how the folks at HTC did it, but for a tiny hole that resides on this already very compact camera, it captures sound pretty well. How did they get it to be waterproof too?

The HTC RE camera, $348, is available now at all selected retailers.

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