Some people love to stretch out flat on their backs, while others curl up in a tiny ball. And then there are those who starfish across the whole bed. But rather than just determining how annoying you are to share a bed with, your sleeping position could also reveal more about you.

sleep positions the types.jpg has compiled seven positions and what they say about the person. Read on to find out what the way you slumber can tell others about you.

1. The Thinker
If you sleep on your side in a foetal or curled-up position, with both arms on top of the pillow or one underneath, then you’re a thinker, due to the fact you always have one hand resting on your chin. If this applies to you, you’re likely to be tough on the outside with a sensitive inside and vulnerable to emotional upsets. You also make a loyal friend.

2. The Stargazer
You’re a stargazer if you sleep on your back, legs slightly apart and arms up by your head. Others love you because you’re happy-go-lucky and revel in freedom, comfort and beauty. However, your expectations are often a little high and you can be hedonistic.

3. The Starfish
Do you take up the whole bed because you lie on your back with your arms and legs spread out? Then you’re a starfish! You’re likely to be a great listener, who friends turn to in times of need. You’re kind and helpful, putting others first and shying away from the spotlight most of the time.

4. The Free-Faller
Free-fallers look like they’ve been dropped from the sky and landed on their fronts, with hand by the pillow and head turned to one side. If this is you, you can be a little intense and wear your heart on your sleeve. Keeping a structure in your life is probably something you try hard to do, in order to control your wild side.

5. The Solider
If you sleep on your back with your legs out straight and arms fairly rigidly by your side, you’re a soldier. On the outside you seem like you are quiet and reserved, but inside you’re actually quite emotional. You’re controlled, organised and dependable and an intelligent thinker.

6. The Yearner
Yearners sleep on their sides, arms outstretched, back straight and legs slightly bent. You come across as open and friendly, but sometimes struggle with trust on the inside. You can be a little cynical and can come across as stubborn, but you’re very loyal when committed to someone.

7. The Log
Log sleepers hold a position on their sides or backs, with legs and arms straight and the side of your face resting on your pillow. It’s likely that you’re carefree and sociable – a very popular person with a busy social life. Sleeping like a log means you’re relaxed within yourself, trusting you’ll get a good night’s sleep in the same way you trust people. © Cover Media