We’ve all been there. It gets to mid-morning and you’re craving a sugar boost. Particularly around that time of the month, women’s blood sugar levels can fall, causing sugary cravings and the urgent desire to snack! Rather than reaching for vending machine chocolate or the nearest sugar-laden drink, stock up on these delicious and rather pretty office snacks to help you power on until home time and beyond…

1. Emily Fruit Crisps

Emily crisps in text.jpg

When we heard British brand Emily Fruit Crisps was launching in Singapore, we knew a taste test was in order. The brand partners (who are life partners too) have a literal love affair with Asia, having discovered their vacuum-preserving technique when travelling in Singapore, where one of the Co-Founders grew up! The fantastic floral packaging alone already boosted our spirits upon its arrival at our desks and thankfully they have the yum-factor to match. The banana, pineapple and apple chips are halal-certified, gluten free and low in fat and calories. Guilt-free snacking at its best — plus, we’re a sucker for a good love story.

$3.50, available in Guardian and Cold Storage outlets

2. Cocomax Coconut Water


Though we live in a country where coconuts do too, I prefer the sweetness of farther ashore Thai coconut water. Obviously bringing the real thing to the office is rather impractical, so we love Cocomax’s refreshing bottles to keep us going. 100% coconut water means no cholesterol or fat! And we all know the many benefits of the tipple, from magnesium to balance those period hormones to essential electrolytes to energise post workday workout.

Available from 7/11, Cold Storage and other leading supermarkets

3. Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit

Did you know that one of these golden (not the traditional green) kiwi fruits from the land of the Kiwis fulfils 100% of your recommended daily Vitamin C intake? This little power player has 3 times the amount of the zesty vitamin than an orange! It also happens to be the favoured snack of Singaporean workout goddess Georgina Poh (@sugarrandspice) as it helps speed up metabolism. If it’s good enough for her…

Available at Cold Storage

4. Dark chocolate and peanut butter

lindt dark chocolate.jpg

For when those sugar rush cravings just won’t be satiated, make sure you have some 70% or above cacao dark chocolate on hand! Spread a little organic peanut butter on top (trust us, it’s moreish) and you have yourself a relatively healthy sweet tooth antidote. Dark chocolate has disease curing properties and the high protein content of peanut butter fills you up, meaning you won’t snack on the naughty stuff again later.

RRP $5.95 from Cold Storage

5. Head down to The Soup Spoon

soup spoon spanish soups.jpg

If you’ve made it to lunchtime and you fancy an out-of-office jaunt, I recommend The Soup Spoon’s revamped menu. Though famous for their healthy and filling soups, I prefer the falafel flatbreads and quinoa salads. It can be hard to eat healthy with all the tantalising hawker fare on every street, but munching on high-protein and low GI foods midday means you won’t suffer that mid-afternoon energy slump.

Prices range from $8.50 to $13.50 for set meals with soups and salads

6. TWG’s Secret Garden Green Tea

TWG Secret Garden tea.jpg

Made in collaboration with the Singapore Committee for UN Women to support its Women’s Fund for Gender Equality, this floral-infused green tea is good for the community as well as the body and mind. This Singapore founded company makes delicious teas (and mooncakes) with premium ingredients, a definite desk must-have for when you fancy a hot cuppa. Green tea has multiple health benefits and is known to make you more alert as well as being great source of caffeine! 

Secret Garden Tea will available at all TWG Tea locations from 10 October 

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