For urban cyclists: a few trusty apps can provide a smooth ride, by tracking your stats, offering quick repair advice, and providing the quickest routes.

Here are six apps to stash in your smartphone before you take off.

5 essential apps for city cyclistsMapMyRide GPS Cycling, free
This fitness mobile app allows you to track your route, monitor your workout duration, distance, pace and more workout details when you’re cycling or running about Singapore. Through the app, users are also able to share Facebook, Twitter and email updates on their fitness activities. Available on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.

iMapMy, S$3.98 from iTunes
Just like MapMyRide for runners, cyclists have their own version, which can track distance, pace, duration, elevation, speed, and calories burned. It also provides bike maps and an online training log, and uploads your information to social networking sites. Available for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.

B.iCycle, S$12.98 from iTunes
This super-sleek route assister features maps, including off-road ones, as well as a GPS tracker, while recording all your data, including distance and duration. Plus, you can stay motivated by syncing the app with your email and social media platforms. Available for Android and iPhone.

Cyclemeter GPS, S$5.98 from iTunes
What makes this iPhone cycling app different is that it features tracking and data reporting right in the app, without having to transfer your data online to view in graphs and charts. It tracks speed, distance, elevation, and time. It also integrates with Google maps, and you can easily share your cycling routes via social media. Available only on the iPhone.

Bike Doctor, S$5.98 from iTunes
Bike making a strange noise? Break down on the side of the road? Learn to do some quick fixes with this nifty app, available for both Android and iPhone.

BikeMaps, S$1.28 from iTunes
Until Google releases an app to accompany its bike directions on Maps, cyclists in the US and UK can rely on BikeMaps. This simple app lets you organize your rides into folders and plan various routes. Available on the iPhone and iPad.

Featured on the right: The MapMyRide GPS Cycling app on iPhone