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We’ve been waiting all year for this – Siloso Beach gears up to become party central with Zoukout 2012 that’s taking place in Sentosa this weekend, on December 7 and 8. We’re psyched to dance until the sun rises to the best club remixes, spun from the very fingertips of world renowned DJs like Hardwell, Above & Beyond and Calvin Harris.

It’s going to be more than seven hours of full on partying, and while we’ve heard gregarious tales of it being the best night of one’s lives, we’ve also heard horror stories of people whose nights didn’t go all so well. Here, we dish out five tips on how to make Zoukout 2012 a night to remember, for the right reasons!

1. Dress safe, dress secure

Music festivals with lots of dancing on the beach may make for a great time, but they are also the perfect circumstances for wardrobe malfunctions to occur as well. If you, like us, don’t plan on having a Janet Jackson nipple slip, we recommend using Hollywood Fashion tape, a clear adhesive to stick your swimsuit securely against your skin. With this, you can keep your clothes on while you party into the wee hours of the morning without fear of exposing more than you can bare (pun intended).

And, just a reminder – double knot your bikini ties, ladies!

Now that the sticky swimsuit issue has been dealt with, let’s talk footwear. With a star-studded lineup of DJs gracing the decks and a steady flow of booze available, you’ll find yourself grooving to the pulsating beats of Electro, Trance and House in no time.

Before you know it, you have lost your flip flops by pushing your way through crowds to get to the dancing frenzy. Making your way barefoot through broken glass bottles isn’t exactly what we’d call the makings of a great night, so keep your sandals on by wearing flip flops with an ankle strap, like these ones from Havaianas, which are priced from $49.90-$52.90.    

If all else fails, and you do, in fact, lose your slippers, you can purchase the limited edition Zoukout flip flops by Havaianas at the Zoukout merchandise booth that will be priced at $40.

2. Find the golden triangle

Get a “blueprint” of the festival grounds ready in your mind, and scope out the best spots on Siloso Beach. Position yourself in the spot that is equidistant from the stage, bar and washroom – queues for drinks as well as the toilet will almost certainly be long; so positioning yourself somewhere not too far away allows you to keep an eye on the queue. Jump right in when you see a lull in the queue! The same goes for washrooms – do this, and you will be set to party the night away, with easy access to all the areas that you need.  

3. Stay dry

For those who will be carrying a bag, make sure it’s a waterproof one. With the weather these days, it’s the only way to keep your belongings out of the rain – the last thing you’d want is a waterlogged iPhone that’s no good to anyone.

Ponchos are also a perfect alternative to umbrellas; or seek shelter in nearby areas such as the Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Hotel. Better yet, why not (literally) soak up the fun at Singapore’s wildest beach festival, be it rain or shine? Partying in the rain may only add to the experience and makes for a wild tale to tell for years to come.    

4. Keep fresh and smelling great

Thousands of bodies pressed up against each other is a recipe for an olfactory disaster. Mixed in with sweat, rain, sand and booze, the stench can get a little too much to bear, much less enjoy the music.

So, be considerate, bring along wet wipes, moist towelettes or a small body spray to help you stay fresh throughout the night – they are bound to come in handy to combat the smell of perspiration, and prevent sand from clinging to your body!

5. Have an exit strategy

Getting out of the island might prove to be challenging, so we’d suggest booking a taxi in advance to pick you up at a specific landmark on the island slightly away from the beach. Beware of cab-nabbers (people who need a cab so badly that they will leap into yours), so specify your location and make sure to be there waiting for your cab when it arrives.

You could also consider taking the Sentosa Express Monorail when it resumes its services at 7am, from Beach station (nearest to Zoukout grounds) to Vivocity. With an expected 30,000 party goers thronging the island, expect massive crowds; which make it easy to lose the friends you came with.

You will almost definitely encounter difficulties contacting your friends due to bad reception, so do designate a meeting point at a specific time to regroup, in the event that you get separated from each other.

Zoukout 2012 takes place on December 7 and 8 on Siloso Beach in Sentosa. Doors open at 9pm and 8pm on respective days. Tickets are priced at $98 for Day 1 and $108 from Day 2.  For more information, visit www.zoukout.com