5 things to do to help you keepcalm.jpg

Image: Corbis

#1 Turn off your phone and sit around with a cup of tea
If you’re a workaholic and always on standby to get some work done even during the weekend, try taking a break once in a while. Even if it’s for just an hour or two, turn off your phone and just take your mind off work. Make yourself a cup of tea, sit down, and chill. Chamomile tea is a great choice as it is said to have calming properties that is beneficial to those with sleep disorders, anxiety and panic attacks.

#2 Start doing some yoga
If you’re always feeling very uptight and tense, it would be good to pick up some yoga and throw all your negative emotions aside. Yoga has been proven to be really good for mental health, and in some cases can help to alleviate the signs of anxiety and depression. In addition, yoga can help to improve your memory and concentration, which will be of great help to you at work.

#3 Read a good book
Do you have the habit of using your phone every night before you sleep? Well, you’ll have to drop that habit right now as it might affect the quality of your sleep! Instead, cultivate the habit of reading every night before you turn in. You’ll not only be able to gain more knowledge and improve your language, reading can also help you keep calm by temporarily taking your mind off troublesome situations.

#4 Listen to calming music on Youtube
If you’re having trouble calming your mind down, why not try listening to calming videos on Youtube? These videos are mostly classical tracks with the sounds of waves and rain. If you’re feeling stressed, these videos can help you relax and even fall asleep if you’re feeling restless.

#5 Take a walk by the beach
The sound of waves and the feeling of sand moving beneath your feet will definitely work to help you de-stress. If you’re having a bad day, or just want to spend some quiet time on Friday night, why not head down to a nearby beach and watch the night sky while you feel the sea breeze in your hair? Even thinking of it seems rather calming, isn’t it?

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