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It’s hard not to be jealous of people who have the job you’ve always dreamed of. Most of us will have experienced that feeling at some point, along with the crushing sense of hopelessness than descends at about 4pm on a Sunday when you know you have to do a job you hate the next day. But how did those people secure a career they love? It’s more than just luck, so here we look at ways to turn your job dreams into a reality.

1. Listen to yourself

Most of us will have thought about a possible career over and over, and it’s the people who listen to that inner voice who tend to be happiest. Maybe you’ve always wanted to write, but thought journalism was too tough to break into. Or it could be beauty which has piqued your interest, but you weren’t sure there was enough money to be made. Whatever your passion is, you need to find it and stop dismissing the voice in your head.

2. Decide your direction

So you know what you want to do – now it’s a case of how. Maybe you’re ready to switch everything up and launch a new business. Or perhaps you’re too concerned about paying the bills – in that case, maybe a night or weekend class would be a good idea? That way you can see if your passion is a viable career and get some tips on making it work. If it’s writing, art or photography you love, consider starting a website (they don’t have to cost the world) or a blog (which can be free), to get your ideas out there and see if you enjoy your passion as much as you think you will.

3. Take the plunge

Maybe your chosen area is completely different to where you are now, or perhaps you’ve started a business but realised you need to tweak it a bit. If so, do it. Just make the move. The whole point of this is to make you happier, so don’t be afraid to admit you’ve got something wrong or need to retrain.

4. Remember why

When you make a big change in life it can quickly seem overwhelming. This is why it’s important to always think about why you’re trying something new. Try to remember this is your passion, and how unhappy you were before. This should drive you forward – plus it’s a good idea to consider what you want to achieve. Having a main goal is brilliant, but think about some smaller things you want to achieve, too. That way you can have a little celebration whenever you hit a mark; whether it’s a certain amount of readers or passing a professional qualification.

5. Network

This one isn’t all about finding people who can do something for you. Sometimes it’s good to have friends who feel just like you, so try to find a group who are also mixing things up. Maybe that means other small business owners, successful bloggers or mothers who have gone back to training. Whatever your deal; teaming up with like minded people will help you find success.

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